Advise and Support

  • Support student involvement in more than 40 student clubs and organizations, and facilitate new start-ups
  • Train leadership, financial, and service positions within the clubs and organizations
  • Guide the COM Student Government Association (SGA) and Equity Diversity Advancement Committee (EDAC)
  • Formulate and council the OsteoBlast! and Orientation Committee
  • Promote the Representative's Council (of Student Trustee and four distinct student governments)

Event Planning

We coordinate and execute student events including:

Foster Connections with our Community

  • Facilitate student/alumni mentorship
  • Connect with prospective students and alumni at national conferences
  • Cultivate productive relationships with pre-med advisors
  • Connect alumni with COM student clubs and organizations

Advocate for Medical Students

  • Work to create a safe and comfortable campus environment for you
  • Maintain regular communication with various offices with which you interact
  • Advocate for individual needs and issues as well as for the student population
  • Work with faculty and administrators to ensure their concerns and issues are addressed
  • Present and send information to the campus community about needs and issues
  • Serve on several University-wide committees
  • Participate in local/national events that support the diversity of our students

Act as a Vital Communication Link

  • Publish The COMmunicator, and weekly COMpass for students, faculty, professional staff, and alumni
  • Communicate with prospective and current students, and our alumni
  • Steer social media initiatives via various platforms
  • Provide emergency contact for families needing to reach you
  • Act as a referral resource for offices and departments across campus

Other Responsibilities

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us at or call (207) 602-2329.

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