UNE COM Diversity Statement

The University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine (UNE COM) aims to advance and cultivate the diversity of all individuals, and protect the unique expression of all people — allowing them to grow and realize their fullest potential. We recognize diversity along a number of dimensions, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, nationality, age, physical and mental status, gender identity and expression, sex, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and religion. Having a diverse community of faculty, students, and staff is essential to our medical education and professional development to better meet the individual healthcare needs of our society. We are committed to increasing representation of populations that have been historically excluded from participation in U.S. higher education and medicine. In doing so, we continuously strive to reflect upon our own biases, beliefs, and practices in an effort to develop cultural humility. We foster a culture of inclusion that extends beyond the UNE COM campus into the global community.

headshot of Saleh Gani
UNE is a great place for me because we have a diverse student body of various ages, backgrounds, and interests which make it easy to find others to connect with, and in the midst of the challenging course work, these supportive networks help the time pass quickly and enjoyably.
Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)
UNE COM students march in Portland, Maine's pride parade

Get Involved

UNE COM has a number of student clubs and organizations committed to cultural diversity and advocacy. Student programs and events vary each semester, but have included speakers, discussion panels, documentaries, workshops, volunteering, and community-based activities. If you don’t see a club or organization that speaks to what you are passionate about, the Office of Recruitment, Student and Alumni Services will walk you through the process of creating one. Recent notable start-ups have included White Coats for Black Lives and the Muslim Student Association.

The student-run Equity Diversity Advancement Committee (EDAC) strives to increase the cultural humility of the college by supporting increased diversity efforts in recruiting, within the academic curriculum, and in programmatic initiatives within the greater community. The COM Student Spotlights project is one of many contributions EDAC has made in celebrating diversity at UNE COM.

Gender Inclusion

UNE COM is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment to all students on the gender continuum. In conjunction with the Office of Intercultural Student Engagement, the University has implemented all-gender restrooms, and the ability to add preferred name and gender in various capacities. Every June, the University marches in the Portland Pride Parade to show our commitment to the LGBTQI community.

Students at UNE's Angela Davis event


Throughout the year, the University of New England offers diverse co-curricular programming to voice underrepresented perspectives, enrich cultural competencies, and foster a culture of advocacy and inclusion — most are free and open to the public. More recently, student organizations hosted a workshop on microaggressions, lecture on Inuit healthcare, and an interfaith panel discussion.

If you are interested in increasing your literacy in topics on diversity, the Office of Intercultural Student Engagement offers educational programs that include Safe Space Trainings, and a Diversity Leadership Certificate that COM students can take advantage of during your time on campus.

Contact the COM Office of Recruitment, Student & Alumni Services at comsa@une.edu or (207) 602-2329 with questions or for more information.

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