While a student in our M.S. Occupational Therapy program you will engage in three level-I fieldwork experiences and two level-II fieldwork experiences.

Level I fieldwork

Level I fieldwork is completed during the second, third, and fourth semesters. These experiences align with the pillars and coursework that you complete during each of those semesters. Experiences can include the utilization of OT practice skills in the simulation lab, in an OT practice setting in the community, or through various classroom-based experiences.

Level II fieldwork

Level II fieldwork rotations occur during the last two semesters of the program. These experiences are 12-week, full-time immersions in various OT practice settings. Level II fieldwork provides you with an opportunity to apply your developing knowledge and skills in an OT practice setting, which will prepare you in becoming an entry-level OT practitioner.

Most students engage in one level II fieldwork rotation focused on rehabilitation, disability, and participation in a hospital; a rehabilitation hospital or clinic; a skilled nursing facility; or home health. The other experience may take place in pediatrics, hands, mental health, or other emerging OT practice areas.

Fieldwork Placement

We maintain relationships with a diverse range of clinical sites in Maine, New England, and across the country. Our sites have included level I trauma centers, prestigious rehab hospitals, private clinics, mental health settings, schools, nature and farm-based settings, and OT practice in community and emerging based areas of occupational therapy practice.

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We strive to work collaboratively with you throughout the fieldwork placement process beginning in the first semester. As a part of the process, we connect with you about preferences and interests for both location and practice settings when assigning fieldwork sites.