Program Required Courses  

OTR 505 - Foundations in OT


OTR 520/520L- Clinical Kinesiology & Anatomy


OTR 531 Health Conditions and Occupational Therapy


OTR 532 Therapeutic Use of Self and Group Process

OTR 502- Occupational Analysis 3
Subtotal 16

OTR 521 - Biopsychosocial Dimensions of Mental Health & Wellness


OTR 521L - OT Interventions in Mental Health & Wellness (includes level I fieldwork)


OTR 528 Fieldwork Seminar Mental Health


OTR 640 Neuro-Occupation


OTR 650 Leadership and Advocacy in delivery Systems 3

OTR 628 Research Methods & Design


Subtotal 15

OTR 621 - Health Care Management & Delivery


OTR 611 - Biopsychosocial Dimensions of Children & Youth


OTR 611L - OT Interventions w/ Children & Youth (includes level I fieldwork)


OTR 606 - Occupational Engagement in Communities and Contexts (taken either Spring or Second Summer)


OTR 610 - Integrative Practice w/Children & Youth


OTR 619 - Evidence-Based Research Seminar


OTR 605 Fieldwork Seminar Pediatrics 1
Subtotal 15-18
OTR 527 - Rehabilitation, Disability, and Participation in Adulthood 4
OTR 527L - OT Interventions in Adulthood 2
OTR 604 Fieldwork Seminar RDP 1
OTR 606 - Occupational Engagement in Communities and Contexts (taken either Spring or Second Summer) 3
OTR 529 Integrative Practice - Adults 2
OTR 630 Essentials for Practice 3
Subtotal 12-15

OTR 601 - Fieldwork IIA


OTR 602 - Fieldwork IIB


Subtotal 12

Fieldwork Experiences

Level I Fieldwork: Students complete Level I Fieldwork experiences as part of instructional courses in a variety of community and medical settings. This experience reinforces course concepts. Students are supervised by qualified personnel may include occupational therapists, teachers, social workers, public health nurses, and physical therapists.

Level II Fieldwork: Emphasizes the application of knowledge by providing the student with in-depth experience in delivery of occupational therapy service to patients/clients. Students complete two full-time level II fieldwork experiences, each is 3 months long.

The expenses incurred for room and board during these internships, and travel to and from the fieldwork sites, are the responsibility of each student. Students may complete fieldwork at any approved location.

The requirements for Level II fieldwork include:

  • A minimum of six months (24 weeks, full time) of Level II Fieldwork experience, preferably with at least three months on a full-time sustained basis;
  • Completion of all fieldwork experience no later than 18 months following completion of the didactic portion of the curriculum;
  • Supervision provided by a licensed occupational therapist with at least one year of experience.

Graduation Requirements

Students must successfully complete all courses prior to graduation and fulfill all curriculum requirements.

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