Alyssa Garvey
Being present is a hard task and UNE helped me prepare for that.
Art Therapy
Kristin Dechene Campbell
My background at UNE has given me a strong foundation for career success.
Business Administration, Psychology
Allie Symonds
I wouldn’t be on the track I am — on the career path I’m on — if I hadn’t gotten involved in undergraduate research.
Sociology, Women's and Gender Studies
Zoe Roberts
The skills I learned at UNE have been invaluable to me as I pursue my Ph.D. in School Psychology...My background in research and experiences in schools allowed me to hit the ground running.
I am so grateful for my time at UNE and how prepared I was upon graduation to enter into my chosen career path.
Mental Health Rehabilitation
Tom Cook
If I hadn’t had the internship experiences I had at UNE, I would not hold my current position...they were able to hire me because of my education versus the years of service. Education is everything.
Benjamin Katz
The department’s biggest strength is without a doubt the faculty members. In addition to being incredibly knowledgeable in their areas of expertise, their approachability in class and during office hours helped facilitate my learning.
Mental Health Rehabilitation
Josh Carbonell
The faculty are all so passionate...that made it easy to be invested in the classroom experience.
Bailey Sullivan
UNE offers a lot of hands-on experience — there is a focus on internships. Professors want you to do more than one because they want you to have the hands-on experience to figure out exactly what you’re interested in.
Animal Behavior
Hannah St. Germain
I am able to already hone in on what I want to do later on down the line by studying neuroscience and the brain. Being more specialized now, focusing on the brain and neuroscience, will help me later on in my work.
Mackenzie Deveau
Everything that I studied came together in a perfect funnel — that’s exactly what college should do. It’s a real, true liberal arts experience.
Political Science, Women's and Gender Studies
Michael Burman
Being in a place that’s growing, improving, and on a mission to get better is inspiring.
Mackenzie O'Brien
You can't top the biology labs and the classes that are offered at UNE.
Biological Sciences, Mental Health Rehabilitation
U N E alum Leonard Tan
Working in the research setting taught me how to think critically and how to apply all the theories and knowledge learned in class to the real world.
Testimonial Place Holder
I am currently a Neuroscience major at UNE, and what I like most is all the different courses I am able to take. I have the opportunity to take psychology, biology, and chemistry courses, in addition to the core neuroscience courses.
UNE Neuroscience alumni Jordan Faloon works in the Center for Excellence in Neuroscience
When the new Neuroscience major was developed, I was immediately interested. This program is the perfect fit for me.
Testimonial Place Holder
[Working as a lab assistant] allowed me to combine all of my lab research, work semi-independently within a laboratory setting, and explore one of my own interests while still furthering the research of the lab.
Testimonial Place Holder
[The Neuroscience] program stuck out to me because it offered unique experience on the cutting edge in the classroom and in the laboratory.
Testimonial Place Holder
One of the reasons I love my major so much is because all my professors have brought their real life experiences into each of their classes, which shows the students how much they love their work and want to share their experiences with the students.
Lindsey L
My animal behavior background has provided a useful baseline of knowledge for my continued education. Specifically, as an animal behavior major, I learned to think about animals in a way that many other people will never see them.
Animal Behavior
Jackie S
Though the ANB major, I learned about different types of training, the physiology of the brain, and read numerous behavioral studies that allowed me to learn from experiments that already occurred.
Animal Behavior
Lindsay F
My experience conducting guided and independent research in Dr. Dzieweczynski’s lab as well as my time as a teaching assistant for Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy have prepared me to hit the ground running.
Animal Behavior
Stacie A
My favorite thing about the Animal Behavior program was how excited the professors were about what they were teaching. Having them as interested in the subject as they were made it much more fun to go to class.
Animal Behavior
Jackie L
The best thing about the Animal Behavior major is what you learn. Since animals can't tell us how they feel/what they think, we have to find other ways to discover that.
Animal Behavior
Andrew May
The Department of Psychology has engaging professors that are always willing to lend a hand and are accommodating to even the busiest of schedules.
Animal Behavior

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