Leonard Hall interior

Leonard Hall

Named in honor of UNE COM scholarship donors Robert Leonard DO ’86 and Kathryne Leonard DO ’86, Leonard Hall is one of the largest interactive classrooms of its kind in the country, seating up to 285. The 4,900-square-foot room features movie-size video screens, ceiling-mounted projectors, cameras for video capturing, and wired-in group study tables. Leonard Hall is beautifully equipped for UNE COM’s integrated, case-based curriculum.

Harold Alfond Center for Health Sciences

The Harold Alfond Center for Health Sciences is a three-story building housing numerous laboratories and lecture halls, including the human gross anatomy lab — used by medical, health professions, and athletic training students for cadaveric and fresh tissue study. The building also houses the Sewall Osteopathic Medicine Skills Laboratory, an open lab with 60 patient tables where COM, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and athletic training students practice manipulative medicine and physical examination techniques.

The brick and glass exterior of U N E's Alfond Center

The interior of the U N E Clinical Performance Center

Clinical Performance Center (CPC)

The CPC is an interactive clinical skills education, testing, and evaluation facility. It is designed and furnished in the model of an outpatient health center, with eight regular exam rooms and two additional dual-purpose examination and clinical simulation rooms. The CPC also has a Standardized Patient Program and a new Patient Simulator Program. 

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Pickus Center for Biomedical Research

The Pickus Center for Biomedical Research is a state-of-the-art biomedical research building that houses research teams of UNE faculty and student researchers. The 22,000 sq. ft. structure enables students to engage in important research as part of their curriculum, build upon the strong base of research at UNE COM, and create opportunities for collaborative research. The Center includes six laboratories, 12 faculty offices, two conference rooms, a lab tech office suite, and space for a future vivarium.

Stella Maris Hall

Stella Maris Hall, the original home to COM, houses the Office of the Deans along with various departments for the College. The back portion of the building was recently renovated to include over 12,000 sq. ft. of laboratory and office space. Neuroscience faculty from COM, CAS and WCHP share core facilities dedicated to behavioral phenotyping, electrophysiology, histology and molecular biology. The building also contains an animal vivarium, BSL-2 level laboratories and other laboratories that help support a multidisciplinary approach to understanding brain function and diseases of the nervous system.

The College of Pharmacy building on U N E's Portland Campus

College of Pharmacy

The University of New England College of Pharmacy has 7,000 sq. ft. of dedicated research space. This facility is uniquely equipped for pharmaceutical analysis and includes a core facility for genomics, analytics and proteomics. A wide range of instruments ensures that any type of molecular analysis can be accommodated from inorganic to organic molecules; from charged to uncharged molecules; from small molecules to proteins and nucleic acids.

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