Training in Aging Diversity (TRIAD) Stipend

*TRIAD is only open to on-campus students

The TRIAD Project, supported by a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration (HRSA) and Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training (BHWET) grant, provides a $10,000 stipend to each UNE M.S.W. student who pursues the TRIAD Certificate. You can apply as a traditional TRIAD student and receive quality training in providing clinical services to diverse aging populations 55+, or as a TRIAD Fellow and receive specialized training in working with substance use disorders in diverse aging populations 45+. You will need to indicate on the application if you are applying to be Traditional TRIAD or TRIAD Fellow.

Download the TRIAD application (PDF) >

School of Social Work Scholarship Funding

*Scholarship funding is offered to on-campus students only

UNE’s School of Social Work offers scholarship funding to selected M.S.W. students annually. Scholarship decisions are based on merit. Admission is rolling and scholarships are offered as applications are processed (November–July; April 1 priority deadline). To apply, submit a Scholarship Letter of Request as a PDF to Admission’s Counselor Sarah Bedell along with other application materials. In your half- to full-page letter, outline the reasons you are a strong applicant and have a need for this scholarship.

AmeriCorps Matching Institution

UNE's School of Social Work shares the values and commitment of AmeriCorps and has therefore committed to being an AmeriCorps Matching Institution. The School of Social Work will offer a $1,000 matching scholarship to AmeriCorps alumni entering our on campus program. For more information visit AmeriCorps Matching Institution.

M.S.W. alumna Kara on the Volunteer Lawyers Project

Charlene B. Rydell Endowed Scholarship

*STUDENTS DO NOT APPLY FOR RYDELL SCHOLARSHIP — Rydell Scholarship Recipients are selected by SSW Faculty/Administration 

The Charlene B. Rydell Endowed Scholarship was established at UNE in memory of Charlene Rydell, HON ’95, who believed in the power of local community action to inspire and empower people on behalf of a just and equitable future. She was "a tireless advocate for policies that promoted the public's health including access to affordable health care for all, the right of individuals with disabilities to live normal lives within their own communities, and for services to children and families.” (Bangor Daily News)

This endowed scholarship supports an enrolled Masters of Social Work student from Maine who is studying in the Macro Practice concentration, with preference for a full-time student who demonstrates financial need and is committed to engaging in social work practice with communities and community action.

The School of Social Work is privileged to honor Charlene B. Rydell’s life of service and advocacy through this meaningful scholarship. This scholarship is offered for on-campus students only. Please contact SSW staff, Robert Chance for more information.

Alfond Foundation Debt Relief Program: Alfond Leaders

The Harold Alfond Foundation recently developed a grant program to help Maine residents or those who aspire to be employed by a Maine-based company who will work in the STEM area. Certain M.S.W. careers fall into the category of eligible occupations. They aim to give 150 recipients up to $60,000 in college debt relief per person over the next three years. Eligibility is determined once the M.S.W. graduate is employed, and if their job title falls into one of the occupations listed — which would be confirmed by the human resource department at the employer. Please call 1-800-228-3734 with additional questions.

DHHS Discount

*Discount applies to on-campus applicants only

UNE School of Social Work grants a 30% per-credit-hour discount for all DHHS employees to pursue an M.S.W. degree. Employees may be eligible for DHHS tuition reimbursement as well. Contact for more information.

Sweetser Discount

*Discount applies to on-campus applicants only

UNE School of Social Work grants a 30% per-credit-hour discount for all Sweetser employees to pursue an M.S.W. degree. Contact for more information.

National Health Service Core

Learn about new Loan Repayment Plans through HRSA's National Health Service Core

Military Benefits

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at

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