Environmental Health and Safety supplies one first aid kit to new offices and laboratories. After that, it’s the department and principle investigator’s responsibility to re-stock. The most commonly used items in safety kits are bandages, so please keep track of what supplies are used so that they can be refilled in a timely manner. Large, wall-mounted first aid kits are usually serviced by a vendor. If you have one of these kits, you will want to check with your department to see who the sales representative is, if needed.

First aid kits should only be use for minor injuries such as cuts, scrapes, abrasions, etc. These injuries should still be reported, no matter how minor they are, in case an infection or complication occurs after the incident. Please fill out a UNE Accident Report form and submit to Human Resources if you are an employee. If it is a student incident, please contact UNE Security to fill out an Incident Report and use your department’s internal reporting procedure process.