UNE Safety Manual

The UNE Safety Manual (PDF) is the most inclusive resource for all UNE safety policies and forms. This manual is updated on an annual basis or as needed as programs and regulations change. If you need guidance on an Environmental Health and Safety policy or procedure, this is a great starting place. If you need to report an issue with the safety manual or would like to see something added, please feel free to contact EHS to address your concerns.

UNE Chemical Hygiene Plan

The UNE Chemical Hygiene Plan (PDF)is an OSHA required document that all labs must have readily accessible. Per OSHA.gov: “OSHA’s Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories standard (29 CFR 1910.1450), referred to as the Laboratory standard, specifies the mandatory requirements of a Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) to protect laboratory workers from harm due to hazardous chemicals. The CHP is a written program stating the policies, procedures, and responsibilities that protect workers from the health hazards associated with the hazardous chemicals used in that particular workplace.” The UNE Chemical Hygiene Plan is a template for all labs to use and add their SOP’s to as needed. Please print this plan, update the cover sheet to reflect your lab’s specific information, and have on hand in your lab area.

EHS Lab Chatter

EHS Lab Chatter is a monthly newsletter distributed by UNE EHS in collaboration with several other departments across the campuses. This newsletter focuses on laboratory safety issues and lab management to assist the UNE lab community with safety compliance and management skills. The newsletter contains information about new regulations and UNE policies and highlights positive safety efforts in labs across the campuses. Lab staff can be added to an email distribution list to receive the publication in their inbox every month or individuals can access the newsletter in the Publications section of the UNE EHS website. If you would like to contribute a topic or article to the newsletter, please email Ron Souza at rsouza@une.edu.

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