The Radiation Safety Office at the University of New England coordinates the authorization process with the state for certain uses of radiation. All investigators intending to use radioactive materials or sealed radioactive sources in their research must work under an Authorization to Use Radiation on the UNE Radioactive Materials License. 

Before you can order, store or use radioactive materials, you must either make arrangements to work under another researcher's Authorization or contact Radiation Safety to determine if you meet the requirements to become an Authorized Investigator.

All new authorizations for using radioactive materials begin with a discussion with the radiation safety officer.

Machine sources of radiation (x-rays or particle accelerators) need to be properly shielded, operated in a safe manner and registered with the Radiation Safety Office. The radiation safety officer is available to give advice and review shielding plans for machine source facilities.

Radioactive Waste Collection and Disposal

Please complete the Radioactive Waste Request Removal Form to make arrangements for waste collection. On the form, please indicate the location of the waste and any details you feel are important for us to know.  

Emergency Response/Radiation Spills

No matter how carefully you work, accidents sometimes happen. With adequate training and preparation, you will have the skills to safely handle an emergency. If a person is contaminated or the contamination is spread outside the work area, call the radiation safety officer.

Plan ahead and equip your lab with spill response supplies such as paper towels, cleaning agents, extra waste bags, and gloves. The five key steps to follow are:

  1. Stop ... working — get your thoughts together and don't panic
  2. Presume ... everything is contaminated until proven otherwise
  3. Inform ... others about the spill
  4. Localize ... the spilled material to contain the spill
  5. Label ... or cordon off the area to limit access

Contact the radiation safety officer

Ronnie Souza