Driving Safety

According to the National Safety Council, motor vehicle crashes are the No. 1 cause of occupational fatalities and the leading cause of death for ages 2-39 and ages 50-72. UNE takes driving safety seriously. If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident with a UNE vehicle or while on a business trip for UNE, please contact Risk Management at your earliest convenience. (This includes if you have damage to your rental car while on a business trip.)

UNE Vehicle Policy

In order to drive a UNE van, car, or other such vehicle you must be cleared by the UNE Safety and Security Department and obtain the proper background checks and training. Please contact Safety and Security to learn more about the UNE Vehicle Policy.  

Fork Truck Information

UNE operates fork trucks in a few different departments on campus. All fork truck operators must obtain a fork truck license through the EHS department, which contracts the training through a vendor. University employees who operate forklifts must be trained and certified every three years. This course covers maintenance, inspection and safe operation of powered industrial trucks. Since it is an operator safety course, a written test and a driving test must be successfully completed to receive an operator's license. Please contact EHS for more information.

UNE Golf Cart Policy

You MUST have a valid driver’s license and proper training to operate golf carts at UNE. All training is coordinated through the EHS office and forms can be obtained at the time of training. When requesting training through EHS, please make sure you tell us which department the training is for, if the staff will need to be trained on 4-person or 8-person golf carts, and your availability for conducting the training. The following documents detail UNE's golf cart policies: