An SDS will be maintained for every hazardous substance used on campus. SDSs at UNE can be found in the Vertere Chemical Inventory System online. You can sometimes find an SDS for a substance on the manufacturer’s website and the manufacturer should be sending you a paper copy whenever you receive a new substance from them. Under the new GHS, the former MSDS is now called the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) and all new SDSs will all have the same format, including the following 16 sections:

Section 1. Identification
Section 2. Hazard(s) identification
Section 3. Composition/information on ingredients
Section 4. First-aid measures
Section 5. Fire-fighting measures
Section 6. Accidental release measures
Section 7. Handling and storage
Section 8. Exposure controls/personal protection
Section 9. Physical and chemical properties
Section 10. Stability and reactivity
Section 11. Toxicological information
Section 12. Ecological information
Section 13. Disposal considerations
Section 14. Transport information
Section 15. Regulatory information
Section 16. Other information, including date of preparation or last revision
Sections 12-15 may be included in the SDS, but are not required by OSHA.

Below are some of the pictograms you will see on chemical containers and SDSs that describe the hazards associated with a substance. 

HCS Pictograms and Hazards