Reporting an Accident, Incident, or Near Miss 

Report all work-related injuries and illnesses, or near miss incidents, to your supervisor as soon as possible.  UNE finds that data and information contained in the records of incidents, injuries and illnesses are essential to maintain an efficient and successful safety program. They supply the facts necessary to develop programs and procedures that can control both the conditions and acts that contribute to incidents.

Supervisors should make a detailed report about each incident, even if only a minor injury or no injury is the result. Minor injuries occur in greater numbers than serious injuries, and records of these injuries can help to pinpoint problem areas.

The UNE Human Resources Department reports all accidents and injuries on a monthly basis to the UNE University Wide Safety Committee.

The UNE Accident Report Form should be used to report accidents and incidents.  

UNE Accident Reporting Form

Both the Maine State Department of Labor and Federal Government Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) require employers to record work-related injuries and illnesses. Both of these regulations and the HIPAA rules expressly permit disclosure of this protected information (45 CFR 164.512). UNE employees having access to this report must treat it as private and should not disclose it to others unless authorized by statute. An employee may not be discriminated against for reporting a work-related fatality, injury or illness.

Please be as detailed as possible on the UNE Accident Report and include all relevant details and witness accounts. Employees should forward the UNE Accident Report Form to Human Resources and their direct supervisor. If the accident involves a student, please call UNE Security to file a report with their department.

Bloodborne Pathogens Exposures

If you experience a needle stick, cut, puncture, mucous membrane, or open wound exposure to human blood or other potentially infectious materials such as: body fluids, HIV/HBV/HBC containing cultures, HIV/HBV/HBC infected animals, human cell and/or tissue lines, you should follow the UNE Safety Manual BBP procedures, notify your supervisor, and immediately seek medical attention.

Workplace Violence Reporting

  • Call 911 immediately. 
  • If the situation allows, and it’s safe to do so, call 366 to alert the Safety and Security Officers on duty.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • For motor vehicle accidents, please see Risk Management for assistance.