There are certain wastes generated universally by most businesses containing small amounts of hazardous materials, but in large numbers, they can pose a threat to our environment. For this reason, most of these wastes have been banned from public landfills.

These wastes, called universal waste, include computer and television monitors (CRTs), fluorescent light bulbs and several types of batteries. The EPA and Maine DEP have recognized this problem and developed regulations dealing with the management, transportation and disposal of these materials.

UNE has developed a universal waste collection and management program that complies with all state and federal regulations. This program is managed by EHS with the assistance of Sustainability and Facilities. If you have universal waste in need of disposal, please email EHS with the type, quantity and location of the waste. There are battery disposal bins in various buildings around the Portland and Biddeford Campus. These bins are small, gray and labeled “For Batteries Only.”