Faculty and Staff

Alicia Williams

Assistant Lecturer

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Alicia Williams is a Lecturer in the Marine Sciences Department at the University of New England. She recieved her Bachelors of Science in Biology from Roger Williams University in 2008 and went on to complete her Ph.D. in Oceanography at Texas A&M University in 2015. During that time she conducted research projects across a wide range of marine systems including coastal estuaries, coral reefs, open ocean circulation features and deep sea subsurface sediments. Her primary research focus was understanding how microbial community structure based... Read More


Biological Oceanography

Marine Biology

Marine Microbial Ecology


Adeline Coyac

Addie Waters


Assistant Director, Center for Excellence in the Marine Sciences

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Scientific Research Methodology

Small Boat Operations

Large Research Vessel Science Operations

Dive Operations

Project management

research support

Full-time Faculty

Charles Tillburg

Chair, Marine Sciences

Director, Arthur P. Girard Marine Science Center

Professor, Marine Sciences

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Marine Science Center 207

Dr. Charles Tilburg is the Chair of the Department of Marine Sciences, Director of the Arthur P. Girard Marine Science Center, and a Professor of Marine Sciences at the University of New England. He received a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering and a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering from the University of Texas and a PhD in Oceanography from Florida State University. He has twenty years of research and teaching experience in physical oceanography, numerical modeling, and bio-physical coupling of... Read More


Physical oceanography

numerical modeling

coastal oceanography

larval transport

river plume dynamics

Professor Barry A. Costa-Pierce of the UNE

Executive Director, UNE NORTH: The Institute for North Atlantic Studies

Special Assistant to President for North Atlantic Programs

Henry L. & Grace Doherty Professor of Marine Sciences

2018 Knut & Alice Wallenberg Professor, SWEMARC, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Editor-in-Chief, Aquaculture (Elsevier Science, The Netherlands)

Fellow, Amercian Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

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Costa-Pierce has a 40-year career in the marine and freshwater sciences. His overall research interest is in "Ocean Food Systems": how seafood systems throughout the world interact with marine/freshwater ecosystems, fisheries, aquaculture, and people. He has worked internationally at research organizations in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas, and in the US at both state and private universities from Hawai'i to Maine. Professor Costa-Pierce is one of the pioneers of the field of "Ecological Aquaculture". He... Read More


Ecological aquaculture

marine ecology

social-ecological systems

Markus Frederich headshot

Professor of Marine Sciences

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Marine Science Center

Dr. Frederich is a Professor of Marine Sciences at the University of New England. He received his masters degree in biology from the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany, where he investigated anatomical abnormalities in ants that got exposed to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. He received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Bremen, Germany for his work at the Alfred Wegener Institute of Polar and Marine Research in Bremerhaven, Germany. Here he investigated stress physiology mechanisms in Antarctic crustaceans. For... Read More


Temperature physiology

polar biology

energy metabolism

crustacean biology

marine invertebrates

James Sulikowski

James Sulikowski


Professor of Marine Science

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Marine Science Center

Dr. James Sulikowski is a marine biologist and professor at the University of New England. He has 25 years of experience working with cartilaginous and bony fish. He has more than 74 peer-reviewed publications and his research has garnered more than $11 million in external grant funding. James has appeared on numerous local and national television shows including NBC’s “Today Show,” “Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin” and the BBC series “Rise of Animals.” His research was featured on the Discovery Channel's Shark Week in both... Read More


Life history and population dynamics of sharks


and rays

composition and spatial/temporal distribution of fish communities

physiological responses to stress and how this influences by-catch mortality

environmental adaptations in fish; conservation of fish communities

and trophic interactions between fish species

Professor Stephan I. Zeeman

Professor, Department of Marine Sciences

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Marine Science Center




primary production

remote sensing

geographic information systems

Bering Sea ecosystems.

Associate Professor

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Marine Science Center


Behavioral ecology and animal behavior

marine mammal behavior and biology

marine mammal policy


Carrie Byron

Assistant Professor

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Marine Science Center

My research is grounded in marine ecology and integrates and interdisciplinary approach. Research disciplines include aquaculture, fisheries and coastal management. Previous projects have been based in freshwater, estuarine and marine habitats including temperate lakes, Atlantic rocky shorelines, temperate barrier-beach lagoons, tropical coral reefs and Pacific glacial fjords. I enjoy working on projects that look at biotic and abiotic dynamics and interactions as they apply to conservation and/or social development issues. My current research focuses on sustainable ecological aquaculture and food web dynamics in... Read More


Ecological Approaches to Acquaculture

Fish Ecology & Fisheries

Marine Food Web Dynamics

Susan Farady headshot

Assistant Professor of Marine Affairs

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Marine Science Center

Susan Farady is an Assistant Professor of Marine Affairs at the University of New England in Biddeford, Maine. She teaches courses in interdisciplinary marine law and policy, oversees curriculum offerings, and researches ocean governance and marine spatial planning issues.

Previously, she was the Director of the Marine Affairs Institute and the Rhode Island Sea Grant Legal Program, and adjunct faculty at the Roger Williams University School of Law. In that capacity, she was responsible for the education, outreach and research... Read More

Leah Bymers


Assistant Chair, Marine Sciences

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Marine Science Center


General aquatic ecology

marine invertebrate physiology


science education

David Guay headshot

Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Senior Lecturer, Department of Marine Sciences

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Decary Hall


Benthic marine ecology

community & population ecology

invertebrate zoology


evolutionary biology

science education

Jeri Fox

Associate Professor, Aquaculture and Aquarium Sciences Program Coordinator

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Morgane Hall

Dr. Fox is a graduate of the University of Tennessee where she received a Bachelor's degree in Organismal Biology. From there she went to the University of Houston where she earned her Master's of Science for her work on the reproduction of Penaeid shrimp. From Houston she went to Seattle, Washington where she entered the Doctoral program at the University of Washington in the College of Ocean and Fisheries Science while at the same time working in the Medical Center in... Read More



Aquarium Science

Marine and Freshwater Ornamental Husbandry


Coral Biology

Candidate Species for Aquaculture

Joseph Kunkel

Research Professor

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Marine Science Center

Joe grew up on a tidal salt marsh in Long Island, New York. He spent his early years collecting and rearing insects as a hobby. He went to college majoring in Zoology and published his first paper based on his undergraduate research on cockroach development. He chose a graduate school where he could continue his interest in insect development and on earning his Ph.D., did a post doctoral in Biometry, and another in Biochemistry. Joe's major interest is in using experimental design to explore... Read More



protein chemistry and non-invasive ion flux measurements.

Zach Miller-Hope

Assistant Director for Education |​ UNE NORTH

Assistant Lecturer |​ Department of Biology and Marine Science

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I am interested in aquaculture for food, aquaculture for conservation, and the ever-evolving interplay between wild-caught fisheries and aquaculture as they contribute to global food systems. I see aquaculture as a solution for protecting our wild fish stocks as well as a sustainable way to feed the growing human population. We culture a wide range of species at UNE and I’m actively involved in the training of undergraduate students in the husbandry of aquatic organisms in marine ornamentals, corals, shellfish... Read More



Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

water quality

Food Systems

Marine Biology


Professional Staff

Adam St. Gelais Headshot

Assistant Director for Science | UNE NORTH

Assistant Research Scientist | School of Marine Programs

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I am interested in the intersection of ocean farming and marine ecology, framed by a changing climate, and the resulting ecological and social impacts of managing both for sustainability. I work closely with ocean farmers, especially those focused on growing low-trophic level “extractive species” to assess the ecosystem services (and where present the trade-offs) of farming in the marine environment and conversely, how the marine environment impacts the quality and nutrition of ocean-farm crops. Much of this work is focused on... Read More


marine resource management

fisheries management

sustainable marine aquaculture

watershed science


Benthic marine ecology

Ocean Food Systems