Aquaculture and Aquarium Sciences

In the perfect setting on the coast of Maine, you prepare for a career in growing and marketing both marine and freshwater organisms, or in maintaining the health and viability of aquarium collections. 

In addition to providing you the underlying foundation you need in biology, we also provide the analytical business skills and technical skills you’ll need to succeed in the workplace. 

We also offer a minor in Aquaculture and Aquarium Sciences.

Research scientist inspects kelp from UNE's kelp farm


Visit the Undergraduate Catalog to learn more about the curriculum, prerequisite requirements, and standards for the B.S. in Aquaculture and Aquarium Sciences.


Career Paths

Our Aquaculture and Biological Sciences majors pursue a wide variety of careers and graduate programs. Career Services offers detailed information on possible career paths for Aquaculture and Aquarium Sciences majors, but some examples include aquatic collection curator, teacher, entrepreneur, breeder, water quality technician, fish farmer, veterinarian, hatchery manager, veterinary technologist, and fisheries biologist. 

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