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The Environmental Science 4+1 program allowed me to continue working on research I had been doing since sophomore year. In addition, the 4+1 program allows me to enter the workforce at a younger age and begin making a salary sooner.
Environmental Sciences (M.S. 4+1 Track)
andrea gosper
The fact that I could craft my own curriculum based on classes that I saw that were interesting was very cool.
Brandon Narciso
With the sport management degree, I get an automatic minor in Business Administration, so I am learning sports management and business at the same time. They work together really well. It’s everything that I want to do.
Sport and Recreation Management, Business Administration
Bailey Sullivan
UNE offers a lot of hands-on experience — there is a focus on internships. Professors want you to do more than one because they want you to have the hands-on experience to figure out exactly what you’re interested in.
Animal Behavior
Marlie Perkins
Everyone made me feel involved in the program on a personal level rather than strictly an academic one. Every faculty member cares so much...It fosters a great community.
Animal Behavior, Environmental Science
Mackenzie Deveau
Everything that I studied came together in a perfect funnel — that’s exactly what college should do. It’s a real, true liberal arts experience.
Political Science, Women's and Gender Studies
Rebekah Erwin
I was able to dress and act as historical characters and even learned how to fire a musket!
Animal Behavior, History
Testimonial Place Holder
I chose UNE because it seemed like a good-sized school, with kind, intelligent people, and it offered a great academic culture in which I knew I could thrive.
Testimonial Place Holder
I knew right away that a Communications major... was the best route for me to consider so that I could enhance my pre-existing skills in the video editing/production field.
Morgan Hill
Doing my internship at Croissant Rouge allowed me to get an international perspective of chronic pain.
Medical Biology

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