As a student with a documented disability, you may self-disclose your disability at the time of your application to UNE, or at any other time while enrolled at the University. Upon self-disclosure, you are considered for reasonable accommodations provided that you follow the procedure outlined below:

1. Submit documentation of a disability in-person or:

Once received, the documentation is then reviewed by a staff member. For guidance on the documentation required, review our disability-specific Documentation Guidelines.

2. Fill out an Application for Reasonable Accommodations

3. The director/coordinator of the Student Access Center will review the documentation to determine if it meets University guidelines. If not approved, you will receive an email to your UNE account with instructions on how to provide additional documentation. Typically, these emails are sent within three business days of documentation receipt. For more information, please see the UNE Appeal Guidelines (PDF).

4. If approved, you will receive an email to your UNE account with instructions on how to set up an interview and welcome meeting to discuss:

  • The documentation you submitted
  • Barriers you experience in your academics
  • Your rights and responsibilities
  • Accommodations that would work best for you
  • How to set up those accommodations 

You are not considered fully registered with the office until after you have completed your welcome meeting.

5. You will receive a Notification of Registration with the Student Access Center and Recommended Accommodations form, which will outline your approved accommodations. This form will not include information regarding the nature of your disability.

If you are not receiving the authorized accommodation(s), it is your responsibility to report the failure to the Student Access Center. 

Accommodations can be requested at any time during the semester but are not applied retroactively.

If you would like to discuss the registration process, please contact a member of the Student Access Center staff with your questions and concerns.


The Student Access Center will review and consider all documentation submitted. Documentation assists with understanding the impact of a disability in the academic setting. The documentation review is a collaborative process tailored to each student.

Determination of eligibility is not a same-day process. We make every effort to process requests within three business days of receiving all requested documentation and strongly recommend that documentation is submitted well in advance of any accommodation need.

In order to fully evaluate requests for reasonable accommodations and to determine eligibility for services, the Student Access Center requires current comprehensive documentation of your disability. The documentation must include evidence of both a disorder and related current, significant, functional limitations. Required documentation should be provided by an appropriate and qualified medical or other licensed professional evaluator.

The University has established documentation guidelines to assist you in gathering documentation for the following services:

Dietary Accommodations

There are alternative dietary options located in dining facilities throughout campus. Campus dining locations have signs next to food items regarding some food allergies and restrictions such as gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan.

Students may request a dietary accommodation using the Application for Reasonable Accommodations along with appropriate documentation, or with the Dietary Accommodation Verification Form (PDF) (which is filled out by your healthcare provider).

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