Emergency Numbers

UNE Security

From campus: Ext. 366
From anywhere: (207) 283-0176

Crisis Response

An off-campus resource, available 24 hours/day: 1 (888) 568-1112

If you are a Portland or Biddeford campus-affiliated student and are currently experiencing a mental health crisis, you can reach UNE’s on-call counselor by calling (207) 602-2549 and then pressing 6.

Continuity of Care

UNE Counseling Services professional staff seek to maintain continuity of care for students.

Psychiatric Services

If you need to connect to a local psychiatrist or you are looking for an evaluation for psychiatric medication, our staff can facilitate and support you in connecting to the UNE Student Health Center or community-based providers to meet your individual psychiatric service needs.

Community Resources

There may be times when you need a specialized service. Examples include assessment for ADHD or learning differences or community resources to assist with housing, food, or other assistance. We will work with you to connect with appropriate resources.

Find a Therapist

If you are graduating, currently residing out-of-state, an online student, or looking to start personal counseling with a local provider your health insurance provider website and the following websites can help you connect with a therapist in your area.

Hotlines, Local, and Statewide Resources

Smartphone Apps

  • Headspace: Two-week free trial for the general public.
    • Student Discount for Headspace App (A mindfulness/meditation app)
      • Log in to U-Online, click Student Records, then Enrollment Verification, then “submit” to reach National Student Clearinghouse, then “view exclusive offers for college students” to reach Academic Perks, where Headspace is one of the many offerings
  • Calm: Seven-day free trial. A meditation, sleep, and relaxation app that also provides resources specifically for coping with COVID-19 anxiety.
  • Stop, Breathe and Think: Always free, and for kids, too.
  • Insight Timer: Always free. This is not a daily app, but rather a great library where you can search for various types of meditations and lengths by excellent teachers.
  • 10% Happier: Free and paid options available. Health care providers can use redemption code HEALTHCARE to unlock all content.
  • UCLA Mindful App: Free and has meditation by Diana Winston.
  • Mindfulness Coach: Mindfulness Coach 2.0 was developed to help veterans, service members, and others learn how to practice mindfulness. The app provides a gradual, self-guided training program designed to help you understand and adopt a simple mindfulness practice.
  • Sanvello: Clinically validated techniques for reducing stress and treating anxiety and depression (free premium access during COVID-19 pandemic).
  • Happify: Some free content, including stress reduction and cognitive techniques to address anxiety

Additional Resources

Schedule an Appointment

You may schedule a session with a counselor by emailing or calling your Student Counseling Center. Sessions are typically 50 minutes long and are scheduled by appointment. We are also available to respond to emergencies and crises.

Biddeford Campus

To schedule an appointment at our Biddeford location email bcstudentcounseling@une.edu or call (207) 602-2549.

Portland Campus

To schedule an appointment at our Portland location email pcstudentcounseling@une.edu or call (207) 602-2549.