If you need emergency assistance, please dial 911 for local police or (207) 283-0176 for UNE Security.

Violent or criminal conduct should be immediately reported to UNE Security: (207) 283-0176.

UNE is a community of educators and learners who care about and for each other. If you are concerned about another member of the UNE community, please let us know.

File a Report

Additional Resources

UNE Counseling Services
Biddeford: (207) 602-2549
Portland: (207) 221-4550

Student Health Center
Biddeford: (207) 602-2358
Portland: (207) 221-4242

Student Access Center
Biddeford: (207) 602-2815
Portland: (207) 221-4418

Title IX Resources
(207) 221-4554

Intercultural Student Engagement
(207) 602-2461

Global Education Program
(207) 602-2462

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