SAC Testing Services

We provide a proctored test environment for students registered with the Student Access Center who require test accommodations such as extended time, a quiet test environment, and computer access, and cannot be accommodated by their faculty or proctored in the classroom. Providing students with the proper test accommodations and assuring test security are essential concerns for the Student Access Center.

The Biddeford Test Center is located in the Student Access Center building and can be reached at (207) 602-2119 or

The Portland Test Center is located on the second floor of Linnell Hall and can be reached at (207) 221-4302 or

Exams can be taken at the Student Access Center by appointment only. Both centers are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except during University holidays. A SAC professional staff member oversees the testing and proctor services.

Testing Services for Students

Discussing Test Accommodations with Instructors

As a student requesting test accommodations, you are required to be registered with the Student Access Center. You need to meet early in each semester with every instructor with whom you will be requesting test accommodations. This meeting provides an opportunity to discuss your registration with the Student Access Center and your approved test accommodations. The instructor has the prerogative of supervising you during all test taking. This discussion should include whether or not the instructor can provide the approved test accommodations under their supervision. When the instructor can provide the approved test accommodations, you should take your tests under the instructor’s supervision. All contingencies, such as regular, midterm, and final exams and quizzes should be discussed.

Accessing Test Accommodations through the Student Access Center

When the instructor is unable to supervise you during test taking with the approved test accommodations, you will need to access the services provided through the Student Access Center. You must provide the Student Access Center a copy of your exam schedule early in each semester.

Scheduling Tests with the Student Access Center

As the student, it is your responsibility to schedule all of your tests with the Student Access Center. You may schedule a test by coming to our office in person, calling us, or by email. Every attempt will be made to schedule the test on the same day and time as scheduled in the classroom. This may not always be possible due to the volume of tests and various scheduling conflicts.

To schedule an exam to be taken in the Student Access Center, it is necessary to contact the Test Center 5 business days in advance. To schedule a final exam in the Student Access Test Center, you must contact the Test Center at least ten business days in advance.

It is your responsibility as student to notify the Student Access Center within three business days of any date or time changes of your scheduled exam. If you do not meet these guidelines, it is your responsibility to make individual test arrangements with your instructor.

Miscellaneous Student Information

If you arrive more than twenty minutes late for a scheduled exam, we may not be able to administer the exam. You will need to speak with your professor about rescheduling the exam (in accordance with the Student Access Center deadlines). When you begin an exam late (up to twenty minutes), the number of late minutes will be deducted from the time allotted for the exam. You will still need to complete your exam by the originally scheduled completion time.

Before you can take a scheduled exam, you must present your UNE Identification Card, or another legal picture ID, to the Student Access Center personnel.

You will be held to UNE's Student Code of Conduct in all dealings with the Student Access Center. If you are caught cheating or suspected of cheating on an exam by our personnel, full information regarding the incident will be turned over to your professor for discretionary action.

You cannot leave the testing area without permission from a proctor and without signing out. Upon returning, you will notify the proctor and sign back in.

Prior to using the Testing Services, you are required to sign a Contract of Agreement for Testing Accommodations.

Our proctors will note your requests for test clarification. You are welcome to contact your professor by phone to seek clarification or interpretation. If the professor is not available, you may attach a written note to be included with your test explaining the area in which you believe you needed further explanation.

Testing Services for Faculty

Student registration with the Student Access Center is based on the presence of a documented disability, which has a significant impact on their ability to equally access the University’s educational environment or services. The purpose of accommodations is to provide equal access. Reasonable accommodations do not ensure success or require preferential treatment. Test accommodations are frequently utilized to provide equal access when evaluating a student's knowledge in a course. Test accommodations frequently granted in the post-secondary environment include extra time (time and a half or double time), a distraction-reduced test environment, use of a calculator, and/or computer access in order to utilize assistive technology. Extended time may not be considered a reasonable accommodation if time is an essential element of the skill being evaluated. The use of a calculator may not be considered a reasonable accommodation if computation is the essential element being evaluated.

The course instructor is obviously the best person to oversee the student’s test taking, as only they can interpret and clarify any questions a student may have. Instructors always have the prerogative to supervise a student’s test taking, and it is necessary to provide the student with the accommodations granted. Students are advised to meet early in the semester with their instructors in order to discuss their test accommodations and to work out mutually satisfactory provisions for the taking of exams, tests, and quizzes.

When an instructor, because of time constraints or the nature of the accommodations, is unable to provide the student with the accommodations granted, the Student Access Center offers students and their instructors the option of having exams administered in the Student Access Center. Should the faculty/department choose to utilize the Student Access Center to administer exams, the following responsibilities should be met:

Departmental Responsibilities


  • Each department should identify one staff/faculty member to coordinate and liaison with the Student Access Center staff/proctor in order to facilitate exam services for students with disabilities.
  • The departmental liaison is responsible for obtaining the exam from the faculty/instructor and ensuring the delivery of the exam to the Student Access Center within two business days of the exam.
  • The department may be responsible for proctoring exams that are scheduled with less than three business days notice (this includes notice of any exam schedule changes).
Student Responsibilities
  • Share Student Access Center registration with faculty.
  • Discuss all contingencies, including regular, midterm and final exams, and quizzes with faculty.
  • Share exam schedule with the Student Access Center at the start of each semester.
  • Notify the Student Access Center of any exam schedule changes within three business days of the exam.
Student Access Center Responsibilities
  • Ensure test integrity and security.
  • Provide test accommodations when faculty is not able to do so.
  • Student Access Center staff will return the completed exam to the department liaison.

The instructor should inform the Student Access Center in regard to materials students are permitted to use while testing such as textbooks, notes, or a calculator.

The proctor will not answer student requests for test clarification. The student is welcome to contact the instructor by phone to seek clarification or interpretation. If the instructor is not available, the student can attach a written note which will be included with their test.

When the proctor observes or suspects a student of an academic honor code violation while utilizing our testing services, the proctor will complete a Test Incident Report (PDF), which will be included in the return security envelope. Further action is at the discretion of the instructor.

Every attempt will be made to schedule the test on the same day and time as scheduled in the classroom. This may not always be possible due to the volume of exams and various scheduling conflicts. 

For more information, visit the Faculty Guide.