Children’s Swim Program

American Red Cross Swim Lessons

For all levels and abilities

The Children's Swim Program at UNE runs in five-week sessions on Sunday mornings, two sessions during the Fall Semester and again in the Spring Semester next session begins 1/21/2018. 

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  • Swim Team Prep Class: This is a great opportunity for young people thinking about participating on their middle school or high school swim team. We will be doing team style workouts with a focus on technique, endurance, and kick. 
  • Private Lessons: Cost for half hour private lesson is $35 per lesson
  • Semi-private Swim Lessons: Cost for half hour semi-private is $25 per participant.

Registration and Testing

Registration & No Swim Test

This applies to children under the age of 5, children who have taken lessons at UNE recently, or children who have a record (e.g., American Red Cross card) indicating their level.

Registration & Swim Test

This applies to children 5 years of age and older, who have not taken lessons at UNE or do not have any record indicating their level. Children should come prepared to swim.


Must be paid at time of registration

  • $60 per child, $75 for Jr Lifeguard and Swim Team Prep
  • $55 per child, $68 for UNE Faculty, Staff or Student (must be parent or legal guardian of child to receive the discounted rate)


The program is located on the beautiful grounds of the University of New England's Biddeford Campus on the Saco River and in the Campus Center.

If you would like more detailed information regarding lesson criteria, please visit the American Red Cross and their Learn to Swim Program website.