The University of New England offers an unusual opportunity for two students each year to serve as full voting members of the University's board of trustees, attending all regular trustee meetings. As such, they provide a connection between all of our student populations and the board and have real input on this overarching governing body that guides the future of UNE. Student trustees not only provide student perspective to the board but also build connections between and within each campus through their work with all student government organizations. Student trustees are selected by a committee of their peers and administrators.

2021–2022 Trustees

Brock Johndro

U N E board of trustees student trustee Brock Johndro

Kaitlyn Quirk

U N E board of trustees student trustee Kaitlyn Quirk


The student trustee serves on the following committees:

UNE Board of Trustees
Representative Council

The student government president and one other appointed representative serve on the Representative Council. This council of leaders has been established to help increase communication within the student body. Student government leaders meet with constituents and bring issues to the Representative Council in search of creative solutions. In doing so, these leaders communicate with the student trustee, enhancing the relay of student concerns and information to the board of trustees. The student trustee, in turn, represents the board of trustees to the Representative Council. This council forms a conduit amongst student leaders to develop a cohesive professional environment to share student issues and promote healthy learning at the University of New England. The Student Trustee presides over the meetings of the Representative Council.

Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Committee includes various members of the board of trustees, University administrators, and faculty leaders who work together to address academic issues. The committee ensures that academic excellence is maintained through University course offerings.

Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Committee comprises members of the Representative Council, trustees, and University administrators. This committee works cohesively with student leaders to stay informed of student issues and advises the board of trustees on resolutions impacting student life.


The Facilities Committee is served by a combination of members from the Board, University administration, and facilities management liaisons. This committee functions to address UNE's facility and infrastructure needs through planning, development, and implementing programs in accordance with the University's Master and Strategic Plans.


The Finance Committee comprises various financial strategists, University administrators, and Board members who oversee UNE's portfolio. One of its primary responsibilities includes the development, expansion, diversification, and growth of the portfolio. The committee's oversight focuses on ensuring a healthy financial future for UNE.

Other Committees of the Board of Trustees
  • Audit
  • Institutional Advancement
  • Legal Affairs
  • Long Range Planning
  • Trusteeship

Application Information

Applications for student trustee positions for the upcoming academic year are made available online and in the Office of Graduate and Professional Student Affairs in Proctor Hall on the Portland Campus, and in the Office of Student Affairs in Decary Hall and in the COM Office of Recruitment, Student and Alumni Services in Stella Maris Hall on the Biddeford Campus.

The due date for application materials for the 2021–2022 academic year is Wednesday, March 3, 2021, to any one of the following locations:

  • Office of Student Affairs, Biddeford Campus, Decary Hall 129
  • Graduate and Professional Student Affairs, Portland Campus, Proctor Hall 02
  • Office of Recruitment, Student & Alumni Services, COM, Biddeford Campus, Stella Maris 229

The Application Packet (PDF) contains:

  • Applicant information
  • Brief history and position descriptions
  • Application process
  • Qualifications and other relevant information
  • Candidate evaluation forms

The 2021–2022 Student Trustee Application Packet (PDF) is due March 3, 2021.

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