UNE Nor’Easter First Year Experience (FYE)


UNE Nor’Easter First Year Experience is designed to assist first-time college students with their transition to the University. Through First Year Experts, the Peer Mentor Program, Living and Learning Communities and Educational Programming, students receive an additional level of support and develop skills which when applied consistently, promote success. Finally, social programming aimed specifically at the first-year population provide an opportunity for shared experience and community building.

Introduction to UNE


An annual event, Convocation is the formal introduction to your academic career at the University of New England. Board of Trustee Members, our President, Dr. James Herbert, faculty, professional staff, and student leaders all gather to welcome you into the academic life of University. The program includes an address by distinguished members of the University community followed by dinner at our Riverview Facility.


The energy and excitement of your Orientation experience are carried through the first weeks of the semester. Open houses, educational programs, a club and involvement fair, athletic competitions and lots of social events will keep you both informed and entertained. With much to do, you’ll have lots to report to family and friends at home.


The FYE Office oversees a peer mentor program where first-year students can sign up to receive a mentor. Mentors are either upperclass students who go through a mentorship training or UNE staff or faculty. If you opt into this program, you receive assistance in navigating your first year of college, connections to other offices and people who can support you, and general information about being a student at UNE.


Each semester the First Year Experience Office puts on large scale programs specifically for the first-year class. Some examples of programs include: First Year Class Trip to Boston, First Year Class Trip to Pumpkin Valley Farms.

Planning your Journey


Biddeford Campus Career Services serves students and alumni from the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Osteopathic Medicine, as well as undergraduates from the Westbrook College of Health Professions on the Biddeford Campus. Make plans to visit us for all of your resume, cover letter, career planning, graduate school application, and job search needs.


This event features posters by more than 40 undergraduate students who perform research at our campus in Biddeford and regions throughout the Northeast United States. During the summer, you work closely with our faculty to build on the knowledge you have acquired through your coursework to explore more advanced realms of understanding and to prepare for more continued study in your field. 


The Global Education Program develops and promotes global educational and research opportunities. It works closely with all colleges of the University by providing support services to students and faculty engaged in global explorations, and by assisting international students, scholars, and visitors to UNE. It’s never too early to begin considering a semester away, or perhaps taking a travel course. You are encouraged to connect with Global Education early in order to explore the best timing for coursework abroad. 

Academic Success


The SASC sponsors peer academic coaches in every first-year residence area and for first-year commuters. PACs are patient listeners who can empathize with you and guide you through many of the challenges that come with transition to college academics. You can meet with the PAC for your area during their weekly office hours in your residence hall or by appointment. Visit une.tutortrac.com and search for Peer Academic Coaching.


Some first-year courses are tough — get to the SASC to make a strong start. Find tutoring support for general chemistry, biology, statistics, pre-calculus and more. Meet with a learning specialist to create a custom approach to your studies and see a writing consultant to develop your writing. You will find it all at une.tutortrac.com.

Joining Communities


The Marine Living Learning Community is an opportunity for Marine Sciences, Ocean Studies and Marine Affairs, and Marine Entrepreneurship majors to more fully explore their area of study, develop as leaders, and successfully transition to the college environment. Marine LLC students will take at least two courses in common over the course of the year, receive additional support and mentoring from a collaborative team of faculty and staff, and a variety of opportunities to engage in experiential learning on the shores of coastal Maine. The MLC is limited to 22–26 participants.


RxS is an opportunity for pre-pharmacy students to fully explore their chosen career path, develop as leaders in their field, and successfully transition to the college environment. Rx for Success students will take at least two courses in common over the course of the year, connect with mentors from the College of Pharmacy, and begin preparing to be an exceptional pharmacist. The RxS LLC is limited to 22–26 participants.


Individuals participating in Go Global: Global Exploration Community are students of the world. Go Global Community members will explore all the world has to offer through team building and self-reflection activities, programs, and cultural experiences, as well as service projects and retreats. The GO Global LLC is limited to 22–26 participants.

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

First-year students are invited to participate in NSSE during some spring semesters. The questions asked via NSSE encourage students to reflect on the learning activities in which they engage. Data collected from NSSE is utilized by administrators to guide the development and application of initiatives spanning the University*.

*conducted every three years

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