Reporting Locations and Resources

There are many ways to seek help and assistance or to file a report with the University.

In case of emergency, University Safety and Security for both the Portland and Biddeford campuses may be reached by dialing 366 from any campus phone and by dialing (207) 283-0176 from any non-campus phone. In all emergencies, 911 can be dialed from any on-campus phone to reach local law enforcement or emergency medical services. University Safety and Security can also assist a student in reaching local emergency services.

Anyone who reports an incident of sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, or stalking, harassment or discrimination will be assisted in understanding their reporting options and will not be forced to make any type of report with which they are uncomfortable. There are several response options available to the reporter which are outlined here.

On Campus Resources

UNE Safety and Security

UNE Extension 366 or (207) 283-0176

In non-emergency situations, University Safety and Security may be reached at: (207) 602-2298.

UNE Student COUNSELING Center *

There are two designated Victim Advocates for students:

Confidential Victims’ Advocates in the Student Counseling Center

  • Biddeford Campus and Portland Campus: Anne Barton, (207) 221-4550

For General Counseling support:

  • Biddeford Campus: (207) 602-2549 or toll-free at 1-866-743-2230
  • Portland Campus: (207) 221-4550 or toll-free at 1-866-798-9201
  • Website

Crisis Response, 24 Hours a day, 1-888-568-1112

*This is the only on campus resource that can keep a report confidential if requested to by the student and have trained Sexual Assault Victims Advocates on staff.

UNE Student Health Services

  • Biddeford: (207) 602-2358
  • Portland: (207) 221-4242

UNE Judicial Affairs/Student Affairs

  • Biddeford: Shane Long, director of Student Conduct, Title IX Investigator, or (207) 602-2372
  • Portland: Ray Handy, deputy Title IX coordinator, assistant dean of Student Affairs, or (207) 221-4213

Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinators

Title IX Coordinator

Angela Shambarger, Title IX coordinator, or (207) 221-4554.

Deputy Title IX Coordinators

  • Jennifer DeBurro, assistant vice president for Student Affairs , (207) 602-2372
  • Ed Doyle, associate director for human resources, or (207) 221-4307
  • Janna Merritt, assistant director for human resources, or (207) 602-2281
  • Ray Handy, assistant dean of Student Affairs, or (207) 221-4213
  • Heather Davis, Associate Director of Athletics,, (207) 602-2629

Off Campus Resources

In addition to on campus resources, there are several options available off campus. Students can access both on- and off-campus resources for the same complaint simultaneously. 

Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine

24 hours: 1-800-313-9900 or (207) 774-3613

Caring Unlimited

York County, 24 Hours: 1-800-239-7298

Family Crisis Services (DOmestic Violence Services)

Cumberland County, 24 Hours: 1-800-537-6066

Hospital Emergency Department

  • Southern Maine Medical Center (Biddeford): (207) 294-5000
  • Maine Medical Center (Portland): (207) 662-2381

Local Police: Emergency 911 

UNE Security Office can also help students make contact with the local police departments. Please know that any University action and outcome will be independent of any police investigations and actions.

Sexual Misconduct Policy

Title IX Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy

Individuals do not need to determine whether or not an incident constitutes an act of sexual misconduct to report it.