COVID-19 Information

The Finley Recreation Center is tentatively scheduled to reopen August 26 with modified capacity and programming to ensure the safety of our community. During our initial reopening phase, access will be limited to UNE students only. We hope to be able to invite our faculty and professional staff back by the beginning of October, provided we are at 70% capacity or less with student usage.

The 11,000-foot gym space in the center has been set up as 10x10 exercise pods during the COVID-19 pandemic. A variety of recreational, wellness, and fitness events will be provided in a safe and modified manner. Please note that locker rooms are closed, and community memberships are discontinued until further notice. 

If you require a refund or have questions, please email Judy Vezina at We will honor your existing membership by delaying the expiration date once the state of Maine and University administrators allow for an increase in the number of people permitted to gather indoors.

We welcome you to like/follow Finley on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for online tutorials, videos, information, and wellness tips to help you stay healthy and reduce your stress during this uncertain time.

You can also visit UNE's COVID-19 Information webpage for more information.

Thank you for your understanding,

Judy Vezina, director of health and wellness, 
Colleen Lundgren, assistant director of health and wellness,



Department of Health and Wellness Education

The mission of the Department of Health and Wellness Education at the Finley Recreation Center is to promote and enhance the lives of its users through social, physical, and wellness activities. Its programming initiatives support the education and development of students, faculty, and professional staff by promoting their optimal health and well-being. We provide opportunities and encouragement to our community to develop and practice health, wellness, fitness, and recreational activities that become a part of a healthy lifestyle.

By actively involving itself in the formation of University events, academic departments, health and wellness initiatives, and the preservation of campus traditions, the Finley Recreation Center plays an essential role in enhancing student life and sustaining the campus identity.

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