Equipment orientation

This half-hour session includes an introduction to the cardio, strength training, and functional equipment in the fitness center. If you are a beginner or unfamiliar with the equipment offered in the fitness center, you should take advantage of this service, which is offered free to all fitness center patrons.

Fitness assessments

This hour-long appointment begins with a medical health history review and a current activity chart. Testing includes height, weight, blood pressure, O2sat, BMI, resting heart rate, percent body fat, circumference measurements, waist-to-hip ratio, sub-maximal aerobic capacity test, muscular strength and endurance test, and flexibility test. Physician clearance may be required for you to participate in testing and any of the below services. This service is free to you as a UNE student or employee.

Personal training/small group training

A personalized hour-long, one-on-one or small group training session with a Certified Personal Trainer is available to you. A Fitness Assessment is required prior to any personal training session. Sessions and training styles are individualized to fit your needs and interests. Appointments are available to students and employees and have limited availability.

Exercise prescription

This is an individualized fitness program to assist you in reaching your fitness goals. You must first have a Fitness Assessment with us. This service is intended to assist students and employees in reaching their fitness goals in a healthy and safe manner using an individually designed fitness program. As a UNE student or employee, this service is free to you.

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