The University of New England’s First Year Experience Living Learning Communities (LLC) and themed housing options provide an introductory leadership experience within the context of a residential setting.

Offered to incoming first-year students, you will have the opportunity to move to campus one day early to participate in an off-campus retreat to develop a sense of community with other LLC members. LLC students learn through a cohort style of learning by taking one or more linked courses together throughout the year. Themed Housing students take advantage of theme-specific programming opportunities.

In smaller groupings, you will explore a specific theme with the support of both staff and student leaders.

You can expect to:

  • Meet new people who share similar interests and goals
  • Develop relationships with staff and faculty
  • Benefit from one-on-one mentorship
  • Participate in programs and workshops based on a common theme
  • Explore identities as leaders on campus
  • Learn about valuable resources which can assist in the goal of being successful
  • Make a positive contribution to the UNE community

If you participate in the LLC or Themed Housing option, you will reside with other students in a traditional style residence hall. Each theme will benefit from the involvement of a professional staff mentor, a resident advisor, and a first year expert, and will occupy its own floor within the residence hall.

2020/21 Academic Year Living Learning Communities

Rx for Success: Pre-Professional Pharmacy Program Living Learning Community

The Rx for Success: Pre-Professional Pharmacy Program Living Learning Community is an opportunity for pre-professional pharmacy program students to fully explore their chosen career path, develop as leaders in their field and successfully transition to the college environment. Rx for Success (RxS) students will take at least two common courses over the year, connect with mentors from the College of Pharmacy, and begin preparing to be an exceptional pharmacist. The RxS LLC is limited to 33–39 participants.

Marine Living Learning Community

The Marine Living Learning Community (MLC) is an opportunity for Marine Sciences, Marine Affairs, and Marine Entrepreneurship majors to more fully explore their area of study, develop as leaders and successfully transition to the college environment. Marine LLC students will take at least two common courses over the year, receive additional support and mentoring from a collaborative team of faculty and staff, and a variety of opportunities to engage in experiential learning on the shores of coastal Maine. The MLC is limited to 33–39 participants.

Theme Housing

Substance Free: Substance-Free Housing

Residents of the Substance-Free Community are committed to a lifestyle free of alcohol, marijuana, tobacco products, illicit drugs, and misuse of prescription drugs. There are many reasons a student may choose to live a substance-free lifestyle which ranges from personal preferences to religious beliefs as well as for health benefits or concerns about past/possible addiction. Substance Free Community members who sign up for this housing option will sign a pledge agreeing to live substance-free at UNE. This community will provide and promote participation in programs and activities with campus partners that support their commitment to a substance-free lifestyle.

The University enforces that all residence hall rooms and public spaces comply with all federal, state, and university regulations related to the use or possession of alcohol and other drugs.

GO GLOBAL: Global Exploration Community

Individuals participating in Go Global: Global Exploration Community are students of the world. UNE strives to empower students in becoming global citizens. Go Global Community members will explore all the world has to offer through self-reflection activities, programs, and cultural experiences, as well as service projects and retreats. The GO Global LLC is limited to 33–39 participants.

For more information, contact Jimmy Riley, coordinator of the First Year Experience at (207) 602-2687 or

Thinking of applying?

  • Applications can be found online. To access the application please visit the housing website and log in with your Nor’Easter log in. Not sure what your Nor’Easter log in is? Look it up now.
  • All completed applications are due by June 30 and students will be notified of acceptance into the program via email by the end of July.
  • Questions? Call (207) 602-2687 or email us at

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