UNE is committed to providing a competitive and comprehensive benefits package with several options, so you can create a benefits program tailored to your needs. The benefits package is designed to help you stay well — physically and financially — and provide support and financial protection if the need arises.

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It is important to understand the benefits that are available to you. The Careers and Benefits brochure (PDF) highlights the many ways we've got your health and wellness covered. The Benefits Guide (PDF) provides additional summary information for your health and dental plans as well as other benefits UNE offers to benefits-eligible individuals.

Download the 2024 Benefits Guide (PDF)

Benefits Tips

Changing Your Benefits

Per the IRS rules, employees may only enroll in pre-tax benefit plans once per year. Your benefits for medical, dental, vision as well as contributions to a Flexible Spending Account are binding through December 31.

Learn more about the special circumstances, known as qualifying events, that allow you to make a benefit change during the year and when you can make them (PDF).

Domestic Partner Status Change

Contact Human Resources within 30 days of any domestic partner status change. This includes becoming a newly-qualified domestic partner, the end of a domestic partner relationship, or becoming legally married. Contact the benefits assistant with any questions regarding domestic partner coverage.

Domestic partners may be added to your medical, dental, or vision insurance plans if you meet specific requirements and complete a domestic partner affidavit with Human Resources. By adding a domestic partner to your plan(s), you will be charged the associated premium and will be taxed on that benefit (“imputed tax liability”).

Eligible Dependents

Eligible dependents may be covered on your medical and/or dental insurance plans up to age 26. Coverage will end on the last day of the month during which they turn 26. If your dependent is turning 26 please contact HR to remove them from your plan(s) and reduce your monthly premium(s) as appropriate.

Additional Resources

  • Health Advocate: Utilize this free and confidential service to compare the three plans to help choose the plan appropriate to you.
  • Social Security and Medicare Presentation: Individuals approaching retirement age have unique considerations regarding their income and benefits. View this presentation to learn about your options in the months and years leading up to retirement.

COBRA Initial Notice for Employees and Families

UNE provides all employees and their families with the COBRA Initial Notice (PDF), also referred to as the General Notice. A Group Health Plan (defined as Medical, Dental, Vision, and Flexible Spending Accounts) must provide each covered employee and covered dependent(s) with written notice of their COBRA rights under the plan. If you have coverage under one of these plans, please share this general notice with any members of your family who are enrolled under a group health plan. This notice requires no further action on your part. The purpose is to make you and your dependents aware of your right to COBRA Coverage in the event of a loss of coverage in the future.