When am I eligible to participate in UNE’s educational benefits programs?

You need to be a benefit-eligible active employee at the time you apply for any of UNE’s educational programs. Some programs have waiting periods and others, like the CIC and TEP programs, need you to apply nearly 1 year prior to the start of attendance. See the Personnel Handbook (PDF) or talk to your Human Resources representative for more information.

How do I know if I qualify to take courses at UNE at the reduced rate for employees?

If you are a full- or half-time benefit-eligible employee you may apply for the Tuition Grant in Aid benefit. You must also meet the minimum course and admission requirements for the course or program you are applying for. All coursework should be taken outside of scheduled working hours although exceptions may be approved by the supervisor and the dean or senior administrator as appropriate.

How do I apply for tuition benefits?

Whether applying for courses at UNE, courses at a participating CIC or TEP college or university, or the UNE Blue Scholar program, you need to follow the registration process for that school. For UNE courses, you can start that process with the Registrar or Continuing Education office as appropriate. Following that, make sure you complete the appropriate Tuition Grant in Aid, CIC Request, or TEP Request form and submit as indicated on the form.

When is the best time to apply for CIC Tuition Exchange or The Tuition Exchange Programs?

It is generally recommended that you apply for either the CIC Tuition Exchange or the Tuition Exchange Program (TEP) in the fall prior to attending college. This will also mean that you need to get your application submitted early for the college you are applying to as well. The accepting college needs both of these pieces of information.

How many UNE courses can I take per semester?

If you are a full-time benefit-eligible employee, you may take two courses per semester at the reduced rates. If you are a half-time benefit-eligible employee you may take one course per semester at the reduced rate. Additional course work may be taken at a discount of 50% off the full-time matriculated tuition rate.

Are all programs/courses at UNE eligible for the discounts?

No. Certain programs are considered enrollment-capped programs. Other programs involve third party payment structures. These programs are not eligible for Tuition Grant in Aid discounts. Some new programs are also not included, although they may or may not be added in the future. Consult the Personnel Handbook, Human Resources or the Registrar’s Office to determine which programs are not eligible.

I signed up for a course, but am told that I can’t participate. Why?

There could be several reasons. If the program/course is not enrollment-capped and doesn’t involve third party structures, and you meet the prerequisites and the program/course typically allows Tuition Grant In Aid, the most common reason is that the course is full. UNE faculty and staff have access to courses on a space-available basis as determined by the Registrar’s Office.

I signed up for a course but I cannot see it in my list of classes. When will I be able to see it?

Because faculty and professional staff have access to courses through the Tuition Grant In Aid program is on a space-available basis, you will not be able to see your course until after the registration deadline for students has passed and the Registrar’s Office has determined that there are extra seats available.

I received my first UNE bill and I don’t see where the tuition credit has been granted and I am incurring interest or late fees.

The tuition grant-in-aid credit is added after the add/drop date. As long as you have paid your portion of the bill any remaining late fees will be adjusted out when the credit is added.