Working to Support UNE

The Human Resources Office is committed to working strategically to support the University of New England’s core values by anticipating and providing solutions to its changing needs. We deliver quality human resources services that attract, develop, motivate, and retain a diverse workforce within an innovative work environment. We achieve results through inter-professional collaboration, exceptional customer service, and respect.

General Resources

Whether you are new to UNE, have been an employee for a while or are a manager, you can access some of the most commonly requested forms, resources, and information.

Getting Started at UNE

Welcome to the University of New England. Access information that will help with your transition to your new position and the University

UNE Organizational Chart

UNE is a dynamic educational institution that regularly adapts to current industry trends. Updated monthly, this organizational chart (PDF) provides a framework for the organizational structure.

Employee Support

Access commonly requested forms

Supervisor Support

Access information that will make the supervisory role easier

Required Labor Posters

Employers are required to display certain federal and state posters in the workplace. View required labor posters


A multidisciplinary team that assesses and responds to concerns about unusual and threatening behavior. Learn more about the CARE Team