You have the ability to purchase dental insurance benefits on a pre-tax basis. UNE gives you the option to choose between two plans and a variety of family member coverages so that you can elect the plan that works best for you and your family.


  • Full- or half-time faculty or staff (self)
  • Spouse or Domestic Partner
  • Dependent Children (and those of a Domestic Partner) until the end of the month they turn 26
  • Participation in dental coverage may begin the first of the month after your hire or qualifying event. If your hire or event occurs on the first of the month, then benefits begin on the date of hire or qualifying event.
  • Coverage ends the last day of the month in which you physically work in a benefits-eligible position.
  • Please review the Summary Plan Description for more eligibility details and consult with Human Resources for specific situations.


Delta Dental Basic

This in-network plan offers core coverage on preventative and minor/ major restorative care for the lowest monthly premiums.

Learn more about the Dental Basic plan

Delta Dental Enhanced

This in-network plan offers a higher level of coverage for preventative care and minor restorative procedures, and core coverage for major restorative procedures.

Learn more about the Delta Dental Enhanced plan

Delta Dental EyeMED

Individuals electing Delta Dental coverage have access to a vision discount program.

Read the Delta Dental EyeMED Discount Description

Delta Dental Online

Information about your Delta Dental coverage is available online. You can create an account with Delta Dental Online to access information about your dental plan. You can also download the mobile app to get access to your dental information, ID card and other resources on your mobile device.

Delta Dental Mobile App (PDF)

Delta Dental Benefit Lookup Flyer (PDF)

Health through Oral Wellness (HOW) Program

Based on individual circumstances you may be eligible for additional preventative benefits at no cost to you.

Summary of HOW benefits (PDF)

HOW Patient and Provider Instructions (PDF)

HOW frequently asked questions (PDF)

Other Dental Information

Learn how to double up your benefit (PDF): enrollees may be able to double their annual maximum payout. 

Benefits Guide (PDF):
Overview of the primary benefits offered by UNE

Dental Plan Comparison (PDF): compare coverage of the core and high option dental plans

Domestic Partner Affidavit (PDF):
This clarifies and certifies the requirements necessary for unmarried domestic partners’ eligibility to be included in health and dental insurance coverage

Grin for kids activity packet (PDF): Raise your child's healthy teeth awareness with this fun activity packet.

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