The training and development staff promotes and supports individual and organizational effectiveness by providing timely, high quality, educational opportunities designed to meet personal, group or departmental needs and objectives. We strive to enhance learning and development as the means for creating a more efficient working environment and for building a stronger University community.

Brightspace Online Compliance Training Resources

The University of New England prides itself on creating a culture where students, faculty, and professional staff can work, learn, and thrive in a supportive and safe way. UNE's new hire compliance training and annual compliance training programs support this goal by making employees familiar with the areas impacting the health, safety, and security of the entire community as well as complying with federal and state regulations.

The HR Compliance Training Guide (PDF) addresses the most common questions about accessing and completing compliance training through the UNE Training application and where to go if you need additional assistance.

Developmental Training Goals

Training is an educational process where you learn new information; re-learn and reinforce existing knowledge and skill, and have time to think and consider how the new information can improve your overall effectiveness. Our goal is to create an impact that lasts beyond the training session. Our trainings will convey relevant and useful workplace information and skills, and focus on creating specific action steps and commitments that facilitate incorporating your new skills and ideas into your daily life.


We offer a variety of development opportunities and continue to create new ones as needed.

If you have any questions contact Human Resources at hr@une.edu or (207) 602-2283.