Employee Assistance Program

The University has partnered with Cigna to provide a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program (EAP). At times managers become aware of employee concerns and can assist faculty and staff to access the support resources they need to smooth out the more difficult life events. These resources are in addition to the manager/human resources partnership and do not replace the resources that human resources currently provides regarding the support and concerns you may have with faculty/professional staff you supervise.

Helping managers

The Managers Guide to Employee Wellness and EAP Services (PDF) is one tool provided to managers to help them through a variety of topics that may arise with the faculty/staff they supervise.

CIGNA EAP services

Cigna's EAP services provide confidential services that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a variety of support options from face to face consultation to telephonic support, from child care to elder care resources as well as the traditional counseling and legal services.

EAP life services

Life presents us with a variety of challenges. Cigna's EAP life services have compiled a number of informational resources to help get people thinking about the various topics and resources available.


1 (877) 622-4327 or www.myCigna.com

Employer ID: une

Performance Appraisals

Annual Performance Appraisals are due for all faculty and professional staff each year by May 31

We have provided some of the most commonly used performance appraisal forms for your quick reference.

Conducting Performance Appraisals

Whether you are new to the performance appraisal process or want to refresh your knowledge, this guide will provide some of the basic principals of conducting a performance appraisal at UNE.

Faculty Review Forms

Annual ​reviews of faculty performance are critical to the integrity of the reappointment, promotion, and tenure (RPT) process. The annual review forms (PDF) provide the documentation necessary for equitable and consistent periodic RPT reviews. Additional resources relevant to the RPT process can be found on the Office of the Provost webpage.

General Appraisal Form

It is all about individual preference. If you like rating systems with illustrative examples, you will want to use this format when you conduct your staff appraisals. This form can be obtained on our network drives at:

V:\UNEDocs\HUMAN RESOURCES\Appraisal Information\Staff Appraisal Form.docx

Narrative Appraisal Form

If you like a more narrative form of communicating, this form will be more to your liking when you conduct your staff appraisals. This form can be obtained on our network drives at:

V:\UNEDocs\HUMAN RESOURCES\Appraisal Information\Staff Appraisal Form_Narrative.docx

Questions regarding the performance appraisal process may be emailed to hr@une.edu.

Hiring and Employment

Whether you are replacing a regular position or hiring adjunct faculty, part-time or temporary staff, there are some basic forms and processes necessary for a smooth transition.

Status Change Forms

Filling a position

People Admin is an applicant tracking system to aid in the recruiting process. There are two modules —Position Management and Applicant Tracking  that allow the hiring process to be managed electronically from beginning to end. In addition to acting as a library for job descriptions that are accessible to supervisors, this system will offer the opportunity to keep a history of postings and associated applicants for an indefinite period of time.

Personnel Action Form

This form establishes any employment changes throughout the duration of an individual’s employment with UNE that does not involve filling an open position processed through People Admin.

Request for Faculty Contract

Initial faculty contracts are processed through People Admin. This form should be used for any full-time or half-time faculty contract changes throughout the duration of an individual’s employment.


These forms establish pay rates, budget lines and approvals for part-time (less than 20 hours per week), temporary and adjunct employees. An Email Pay Request should be used for hourly employees and the Temporary/Adjunct Contract for salaried temporary employees and adjunct faculty.


It is said that you never have a second chance to make a first impression. Onboarding a new faculty or staff member is just as important as making the right selection. In addition to the resources available on the Getting Started at UNE section of our website, these resources will assist you to make a positive impression with the new member of your team.

Illnesses and Injuries

Family Medical Leave Guidance

As a manager, it is likely that one of your staff will need to apply for Family Medical Leave at some point. This guide will help you understand the various circumstances, continuous leave and intermittent leave situations, rights and responsibilities of Family Medical Leave.

Worker's Compensation Guidance

We all strive for the perfect safety record, but accidents do happen. And when they do, this guide will help you navigate getting your staff member the resources they need and making UNE a safer place.

Disability (non-FMLA) Guidance

There is often overlap between family medical leave and personal disability situations, but not all individuals or circumstances qualify under Family Medical Leave regulations. UNE offers additional policies covering individuals for their own non-work related disabling conditions. You should reference the Personnel Handbook (PDF) for full details.


Sitting at a desk for extended periods of time can cause stress on the body. Our Ergonomic Work Station Information (PDF) and our Work Station Exercises (PDF) can help you have a more comfortable day.

If you would like to request an ergonomic evaluation, please have your supervisor contact Cat Martins in HR.

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