About your HDHP with HSA

The High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) associated with the Health Savings Account (HSA) is a point-of-service plan offering you flexibility for your health care needs. If you require care from a specialist, a referral from your PCP is required. You receive 90% coverage for in-network services after the deductible is met and have the option for out-of-network services. Monthly premiums are the lowest of the three health plan options. UNE will contribute up to $2,600/year to an eligible participating employee's HSA account. Employer HSA contributions are made on a per-pay-period basis. 

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Things to consider before electing an HDHP/HSA plan

  • View the Benefit Guide (PDF) for the monthly plan premiums.
  • Do not elect this plan if you have a Medical Flexible Spending Account or if you have other coverage such as Medicare Part A. If you are considering enrolling in Medicare Part A please review Deciding Whether to Enroll in Medicare Part A and B When You Turn 65 (PDF)
  • If you elect the HSA medical insurance plan and decide to enroll in Medicare after delaying it, you should stop contributing to your HSA (including UNE’s employer contributions) at least six months in advance of enrolling in Medicare. Otherwise, you may be hit with a tax penalty because Part A of Medicare provides six months of retroactive coverage upon enrollment. You should contact a UNE Human Resources representative at least six months in advance to complete the necessary paperwork to stop HSA contributions.
  • HSA funds cannot be used for expenses incurred prior to the setup/opening of the HSA Bank account. Example: If you open your account on 2/24/2024, you are not permitted to use HSA funds for any dates of service prior to 2/24/2024.
  • HSA funds may be used for you and your spouse; all dependents you claim on your tax return; and any person you could have claimed as a dependent on your return (with some exceptions). Your domestic partner may not use your HSA contribution to pay for their medical expenses regardless of medical coverage under your high deductible health plan. This is subject to change per the IRS. See the IRS guidelines for the most up to date information regarding the use of HSA funds

2024 HSA Maximum Contributions

Plan Maximum Contribution Amount
Individual Plan $4,150 (including UNE's contribution)
Family Plan $8,300 (including UNE's contribution)
Age 55+ catch-up Additional $1,000

Harvard Pilgrim Benefit Wallet 2023

Benefit Wallet is where your HSA contributions will be made. Whether you have used a Health Savings Account previously or not, you may have questions about your HSA account.

Health Online

Create an account with Harvard Pilgrim online to access information about your medical health plan.


Health Advocate

Utilize this free and confidential service to compare the three plans to help choose the one appropriate for you. Call to speak to a representative who can help.

Eligible Expenses

View the purchases you can make using your HSA Account under IRS guidelines (PDF). Note that eligible expenses may not apply to your deductible or maximum out of pocket. See your plan for more details.


Deciding Whether to Enroll in Medicare Part A and B When You Turn 65 (PDF).