Web Time Entry (WTE) is a web-based time entry system designed to improve accuracy and eliminate loss or delays often experienced with the processing of physical timesheets. Currently, federal work-study (FWS) students may log into a secure website from any computer with Internet access and enter hours worked, and electronically submit timesheets for supervisor approval. The WTE system allows approvers to log into a secure website from any computer with Internet access and approve FWS students’ hours. The information is then electronically sent to Payroll for processing.

Accessing Web Time Entry

You can access WTE through U-Online and selecting "Employee Services" then "Time Sheet."



De-mystifying Web Time Entry

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about WTE.

What is WTE?

WTE is the online time reporting and approval process for all FWS employee timesheets.

Why are we implementing WTE?

The implementation of WTE will result in increased accuracy, accountability, accessibility, efficiency, and cost savings.


Where do I access my time sheet for WTE?

You can access your timesheet on U-Online under Employee Services.

What do the new time sheets look like?

You can view the electronic timesheet on the Instructions for FWS Students for WTE. Please enter your time on the first line entitled, Work-Study Students only.

Am I required to enter hours each day?

No. However, it is strongly recommended that you record all hours on a daily basis. By doing so, the time reporting procedure will not be overlooked or forgotten.

When is my timesheet due?

FWS timesheets must be submitted for approval no later than midnight on the Sunday following a pay date.

What if I forget to fill out and/or submit my timesheet by the designated time and date?

If you fail to submit your time for approval on Banner Web by the designated time and date, you must fill out a generic paper timesheet and send it to the approver for signature by the deadline. Paper timesheets are available on U-Online.

What if I have more than one position and/or more than one supervisor?

You must submit a separate timesheet for each FWS position held at UNE. If you have two positions with two different supervisors, you will have two timesheets, and each timesheet will be routed to the approver identified for that position.

If you have one position with two supervisors, one supervisor will be designated as the primary approver and the other supervisor as FYI. Records are routed to the FYI supervisor for information only. No approval is required by the FYI since the primary approver or proxy approver will approve all time reported.


What if I need to make a change to the time sheet?

You can make changes until the timesheet is submitted to the approver. If you have already submitted your timesheet, your approver can either make the change for you or send it back to you for correction.

If the approver has already approved the incorrect timesheet, Payroll must be contacted to make the correction.

What should I do if I am not able to submit my timesheet?

Contact your supervisor to approve the timesheet for you or Payroll at payroll@une.edu for assistance.

How many past timesheets can I view as an employee?

It is possible to list all time sheets routed on Banner Web. Remember to choose the correct timesheet when inputting your time.

What is my password when submitting for approval?

The password you use to log into U-Online.

What if I submit my timesheet to my approver on Friday and then end up working on a Saturday?

Communicate with your approver. If the approver has not yet approved your timesheet, they can make the change for you or send it back to you for correction. If it is past the pay period and too late for payroll to adjust, a paper timesheet can be submitted for the missed hours.

How will approvers know when to approve timesheets?

Timesheets must be approved between Sunday after midnight and Tuesday at noon.

Once your timesheet has been submitted for approval, it is automatically sent to your approver.

What if my approver is on vacation?

All approvers are required to set up a proxy approver who is authorized to approve time
in their absence. Approvers must notify the proxy approver if/when they are to approve time.

What if I have not worked an entire payroll period?

Either contact Payroll at payroll@une.edu to move the timesheet to the approver or complete a generic paper timesheet when you return.