It is possible that you have your own unique needs that our standard benefits package will not meet. As such, UNE has partnered with other insurance companies so that you may coordinate other voluntary insurance options to meet your own personal circumstances and interests. As a benefits-eligible employee, you may select these benefits directly through the insurer and arrange for your premiums to be paid through payroll deduction.

Colonial Life 

You have additional voluntary life insurance, accident insurance and other benefits that could cover you and other family members available to you through Colonial Life. Benefits may be elected within 30 days of hire, with a qualifying event, or during our regular open enrollment period. Contact Colonial Life for additional information and quotes.

  • Overview Brochure
    See what types of benefits Colonial Life has to offer.
  • Needs Assessment
    You may take this quick questionnaire to help you and your Colonial Life representative determine what coverage options meet your needs.
  • Additional Long-Term Care Rider Information
    While Long-Term Care Insurance is not available through Colonial Life, this rider to certain life insurance coverage might help you address any Long-Term Care concerns you have.


Contact (207) 828-8016 to schedule a benefits consulting session.


You may also wish to insure your car, home or other items important to you. Paquin-Carroll may be able to assist you. As a benefits-eligible employee, you may select benefits that meet your needs directly through the insurer with your premiums paid through payroll deduction. Consult with a Human Resources representative for more information.

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