About Our Other Voluntary Insurances

Everyone has their own needs beyond the standard benefits package. For this reason, UNE has partnered with other insurance companies so you may select additional voluntary insurance options that meet your circumstances and interests. As a benefits-eligible employee, you may select these benefits directly through the insurer and arrange for your premiums to be paid through payroll deduction.

Nationwide Pet Insurance

With pets in nearly 70% of households, employees may now purchase voluntary pet insurance through Nationwide. My Pet Protection from Nationwide offers flexibility allowing you to choose the plan that is best for you.

  • See the vet of your choice, there isn’t a network.
  • Pay the fee at point of service and remit invoice for reimbursement after a $250 annual deductible. Employees may choose 50% or 70% reimbursement options.
  • Effective 10/01/2023: New members now have the option to select My Pet Protection Wellness500. Existing members can add My Pet Protection Wellness500 during their respective renewal period only, for policies renewing after 10/01/2023.
  • Maximum annual benefit of $7,500.
  • Premium is based on age, breed and location.
  • All Nationwide pet insurance members receive free, 24/7 access to vethelpline® ($150 value) for guidance on any pet health concern. This service is available exclusively from Nationwide.
  • Pet Rx Express: Members can take advantage of low prices for prescriptions at Walmart's and Sam’s Club’s and enjoy the convenience of having the pharmacy submit claims directly to Nationwide on their behalf.
  • With more coverage than any other pet insurance plan, it is easier to outline what services are not covered by Nationwide's Pet Protection Plan.
  • Pre-existing conditions are not covered. Pre-existing conditions are an illness or injury that your pet had before coverage started. Not all pre-existing conditions are excluded permanently. If you have medical records from your vet showing that your pet’s condition has been cured for at least six months, you may be able to get it covered.
  • Easy enrollment process and helpful resource center.

To learn more, visit https://benefits.petinsurance.com/uneedu.

Resources and Videos

There are two simple ways for employees to sign up for their new pet insurance voluntary benefit:

  • Go directly to the dedicated URL we’ve created for UNE employees: https://benefits.petinsurance.com/uneedu 
  • Call 1 (877) 738-7874 and mention that you’re an employee of the University of New England to receive preferred pricing.

Norton Life Lock

Employees may purchase voluntary comprehensive identity theft protection through NortonLifeLock. NortonLifeLock offers flexibility allowing you to choose the plan that is best for you and your family.

  • Monitors for fraudulent use of your social security number, name, address, and date of birth in applications for credit and services. Alerts you to potential threats.
  • Norton Device Security is included in the membership and allows you to install an antivirus and malware application on your own personal device. This multi-layered, advanced security helps protect non-University devices against existing and emerging malware threats and helps to protect private and financial information when employees go online.
  • Provides Norton Family Control, which gives you the ability to monitor your child’s online activity and identify potential dangers before they become an issue.
  • Privacy Monitor provides employees with an opportunity to reduce public exposure of their personal information.
  • Download the Norton LifeLock Benefits Brochure (PDF)
Resources and Videos

The cost is based on the benefit you select (Essential or Premier). There is an easy enrollment process directly with NortonLifeLock, and premiums can be deducted from your UNE paycheck. To learn more, please visit https://www.lifelockbusinesssolutions.com/EmployeeBenefits/Benefitplans.

Colonial Life

Colonial Life policies are designed to fit your specific needs and budget and provide voluntary benefit choices to suit you and your family members. Please review this Summary of Coverage flyer (PDF) to learn more.

  • Options for Term life insurance (PDF), Whole life insurance (PDF), and Universal life insurance (optional LTC Rider).
  • Accident insurance that pays specific benefit amounts for injuries received in a covered accident, for as little as $8.96 per pay period for employee coverage, or $16.31 for family. (Optional Disability Income Replacement Rider for your spouse). Get more details in the Accident Insurance flyer (PDF).
  • Cancer insurance (PDF) that pays specific benefit amounts for the detection and treatment of cancer, for as little as $5.75 per pay period for employee coverage, or $9.75 for family. See the Maine Cancer Assist Benefit Chart (PDF) for limitations on payable benefits.
  • Critical illness insurance (PDF) that pays a lump sum benefit upon diagnosis of a covered specified illness such as heart attack, stroke, end-stage renal kidney failure, and more. Premium for a sample $5,000 policy is $1.70 per pay period for someone age 24, $2.20 for age 34, $3.38 for age 44, $5.50 for age 54, $8.40 for age 64. Higher coverage amounts are available. Premium does not increase with age after enrollment.
  • Individual short-term disability insurance (PDF) when you are prevented from earning a paycheck. 
  • Benefits are paid directly to you, regardless of any other insurance you have. Policies are fully portable when you change jobs or retire.
  • Premiums may be paid through payroll deduction.

To learn more or enroll in the Colonial Benefits, please contact Colonial Benefits Representative Debbie Sullivan at (207) 415-1012 or by email at debbie@betterbenefitsme.com. She is available for one-on-one virtual meetings.


Colonial Life Request for Services form (PDF): change your address, your name, your payment method or cancel/surrender your coverage

Paquin & Carroll

Protect your car, home, or other important items. Benefits-eligible employees may select coverage that meets their needs directly through the insurer.


To learn more or enroll in the Paquin & Carroll insurance options, please call a representative at (207) 283-1486