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Retirement Benefits

UNE is a great place to work, and also a great place to save for retirement. Our retirement plan enables full- and half-time faculty and staff to build long-term savings as a source of income after you retire. We match your contributions up to 8% after 12 consecutive months of eligible service. Any University-matching contributions made to your account are 100% vested once we have made those contributions. You may also contribute non-matching funds consistent with federal guidelines.

 UNE offers a Roth 403(b) option effective January 1, 2019

Unlike a traditional pretax 403(b), the Roth 403(b) allows you to contribute after-tax dollars now allowing you the potential for tax-free retirement income. There are several things you might like to review if your are considering a Roth 403(b). Additionally, it is recommended that you speak with your financial advisor or a Fidelity Investments representative.

UNE will match actively contributing participants on a dollar or dollar basis up to to 8% of the employees's pre-tax salary deferral. UNE will not match a participant's post-tax (Roth) contributions.

All 403(b) and Roth 403(b) retirement plan investment funds are selected directly through Fidelity Investments by logging into your online account or speaking with a Fidelity Investments representative. Fidelity Investments representatives and their online retirement planning tools can assist with your retirement planning decisions.

Fidelity Investments

Since January 1, 2015 all retirement contributions are made to Fidelity Investments.

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Although new retirement contributions are being made through Fidelity Investments, you may have previous investment balances with TIAA-CREF that require your continued attention.

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