About your Educational Benefits

UNE values the education of not only our students, but of our faculty, professional staff, and their dependents. There are four programs you and your family may participate in, if eligible. We offer a summary of benefits here, but full details are available in our Personnel Handbook (PDF) or by consulting with one of our Human Resources representatives. Please note the important deadlines specified below for each. Due to limitations, these benefits are not guaranteed.

All questions about any educational benefits should be directed to educationalbenefits@une.edu.

Tuition Grant in Aid

UNE employees can take undergraduate courses for $50 per course and graduate courses for $100 per course. Full-time employees are limited to two courses per semester. Half-time employees may take one course per semester. Discounts on courses are for tuition only and do not include additional fees or materials. Refer to Student Financial Services and/or the Academic Catalog for cost information.

Dependent children of full-time employees may take course work in non-enrollment capped programs at a discount. UNE tuition will be discounted by 20% for each year of continuous, uninterrupted service. After merit is awarded (if applicable), the remaining tuition balance will be discounted. The combined total of merit and tuition grant in aid shall not exceed the annual tuition cost. Room, board, and fees are not eligible expenses. 

Spouses of full-time employees have some limited benefits as well.

Council of Independent Colleges

After one year of uninterrupted full-time service, your dependent children may apply for tuition-free acceptance to undergraduate programs at any members of the Council of Independent Colleges. Please submit your CIC application for any academic year by October 15 of the prior year. For example, if an employee’s child is applying for college acceptance for next fall, the CIC application is due in UNE’s Human Resource Office by the previous October 15. Applications submitted after that date will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

You can find additional information on the CIC webpage, in the CIC Overview (PDF) and the CIC Guidelines and Procedures (PDF).

The Tuition Exchange

If you are a regular full-time employee who has completed 5 years of uninterrupted service or its equivalent by the date of your application, your dependent children may apply for tuition-free acceptance for a maximum of eight semesters at an eligible college within The Tuition Exchange Program. You must remain employed full-time for the full duration of the tuition exchange period.

Students renewing their TE scholarship must meet College eligibility guidelines each year and be re-certified by the Tuition Exchange Committee. The deadline for employees to submit tuition exchange applications for consideration for any academic year is September 30 of the prior year. For example, if an employee’s child is applying for college acceptance for next fall, the tuition exchange application is due in UNE’s Human Resource Office by the previous September 30. Applications submitted after that date will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

You can find additional information on The Tuition Exchange Program website and in the Tuition Exchange Program Overview (PDF).

UNE Blue Scholar Program

Regular full-time employees with ten or more years of continuous and uninterrupted service may apply for an annual tuition subsidy. The amount of the award will vary by years of service. You must submit applications for the UNE Blue Scholar dependent scholarship each quarter or semester you are requesting a scholarship payment. Applications along with a copy of the dependent's detailed bill should be submitted to the Office of Human Resources. Payments will be made directly to the college or university and will not exceed the cost of attendance, but may impact other aid awarded. It is important to check with the host institution regarding their internal policies. This benefit may be used in conjunction with other UNE tuition benefit programs. Additional details are available in our Personnel Handbook (PDF).

UNE Community Scholarship

Thornton Academy $2,500 Scholarships

Beginning in the 2023-2024 school year, the children and step-children of all benefits-eligible UNE employees are eligible for the UNE Community Scholarship at Thornton Academy in Saco, Maine. The scholarship covers $2,500 per year and is renewable as long as the employee remains benefits-eligible. No additional scholarship application is required, Thornton Academy will request employee verification from UNE’s HR Department. The scholarship is also combinable with other scholarships and financial aid.

Learn more about Thornton Academy (PDF)

North Yarmouth Academy University of New England Family Education Advantage

Beginning with the 2023–2024 school year, all full-time benefit-eligible employees at UNE qualify for a 20% tuition remission benefit for their children or stepchildren to attend grades one to postgraduate at North Yarmouth Academy (NYA). In addition to proof of parent employment from UNE, the students must successfully complete the NYA admission application process. The benefit automatically renews each year as long as the family remains benefit eligible at UNE. Families may also apply for additional need-based assistance. Contact the NYA Admission Office for more information.

Fidelity Resources


All questions regarding educational benefits can be emailed to educationalbenefits@une.edu.