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Welcome to the University of New England. Beginning a new job can be a daunting experience. The information in this section, along with the information provided to you by your department, is designed to assist your transition to your new position and the University.

Initial Essentials

Benefit Eligible Faculty and Professional Staff

Initial paperwork is completed through the UNE People Admin Records portal. Information on how to access the portal will be communicated in a separate email. Completion of these forms is the basis for establishing systems access and it is therefore recommended to complete them promptly.

Benefit elections will also be made through the People Admin Record portal. Before making those elections, be sure to review Benefits Resources for New Hires.

Adjunct Faculty and Part-Time or Temporary Professional Staff

Initial paperwork needs to be completed in order to establish system access. Completing paperwork early and returning the packet to your hiring supervisor or Human Resources facilitates systems set up.

You will need to present appropriate original documentation to an authorized representative of the university (supervisor, human resources representative, or other designated individual) to finalize your packet.

Initial paperwork


General Resources

Orientation and Required Training

Orientation and required training connect you to information and policies that are important as you get started with the University, as well as resources you can reference throughout your employment. It also provides initial training required by various regulatory agencies. Your individual training is a combination of shared information and specific training based on your position classification. Our process complements explanations that you will receive from your manager and mentors.

Available 24/7 through online modules, training is assigned once you have appropriate computer access and varies based on your specific role and status within the University. You are expected to complete assigned orientation and training within 30 calendar days from your first day of work.

Full- and Half-Time Benefits-Eligible Faculty and Professional Staff

Orientation and training communications will be distributed through University email once you have system access. These communications will include information and instructions on how to access your training. The UNE training link is accessed by logging in to OKTA with your UNE credentials.

Adjunct Faculty

Training communications will be distributed through University email once you have system access. These communications will include information and instructions on how to access your training. You may also want to access the Policy Handbooks below for other important information.

Part-Time and Temporary Professional Staff

Training communications will be distributed through University email once you have system access. These communications will include information and instructions on how to access your training. You may also want to access the Policy Handbook for other important information.

If you have questions regarding the courses assigned or think that other training should have been assigned, email tlouko@une.edu.

Understanding Payroll

Understanding the payroll process, how it affects you, and what you can do to assure a smooth transition are important details as you begin employment with the University. These resources will assist the navigation of the payroll process. 

*All leave time categories apply to each employment status. Please review the Personnel Handbook (PDF) for details regarding each type of leave time category.

Getting your ID card

  • Benefits-eligible individuals will complete the ID request form through the People Admin Records portal. Please complete all fields including needed building access. You may also upload a photo or visit the Safety and Security Office to have your photo taken.
  • All other adjunct faculty and temporary or part-time professional staff will bring your completed ID request form (PDF) to security to have your picture taken and ID Card processed.
  • ID cards may take 2 to 3 days for processing after receiving your picture and all necessary documents.
  • Carry your ID card with you at all times. It is your one card, all-access ID (PDF).
  • If you have questions about your ID card or if it is lost or stolen, please contact our Security Department ID Officer at (207) 602-2900 or extension 2900 from any UNE phone.

Technology at UNE

Information Technology Services is your resource for getting online, keeping your technology up-to-date, and staying connected with your colleagues on campus and beyond. From the day you begin your position at UNE, ITS provides you with tech support, opportunities for online learning, and access to resources to ensure you succeed in your position. Contact ITS regarding any questions you may have regarding U-Online, your email account or general access, and any additional support you need.

Parking at UNE

Permit Costs

  • Full-time faculty and professional staff: $42 per year (Portland Campus passes are sold out. Request the free Bishop Street Extension permit.)
  • Replacement pass: $10
  • Portland satellite parking lots (1 and 10): ($21)
  • Bishop Street Extension: Free and unlimited (Portland Campus only)
  • Adjunct, Part-time, and Temporary: $10 (Biddeford Campus only)

Parking on the Portland Campus

Parking on campus is limited. Free, unlimited parking is available to everyone in the Bishop Street Extension lot (see the Portland Campus parking map). For Portland-based faculty and professional staff, the Bishop Street Extension permit will be accepted on the Biddeford campus. 

A shuttle is provided between the Bishop Street Extension parking lot and the Portland Security Office between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. UNE Safety and Security will drive you to and from the Bishop Street lot any time before 7 a.m. and after 7 p.m. Please call (207) 602-2298 for that service. Parking on the Portland Campus after 5 p.m. and on weekends does not require a permit.

Purchasing Your Parking Pass

As a new faculty or professional staff member, you will need to be prequalified. To become prequalified:

  1. Go to une.thepermitstore.com and create an account (from the top right select "account" then "create account" and follow the steps)
  2. If you are not already pre-qualified (unable to log in and select University of New England Parking Passes), email UNE Safety and Security at parking@une.edu with the following information:
    • Your last name
    • Your PRN (910------)
    • The type of permit requested
  3. Once you are prequalified, go to une.thepermitstore and enter UNE as your destination. Have your vehicle registration and payment information ready.

Car Pool Program (Biddeford only)

Faculty and professional staff with a valid parking permit through the une.thepermitstore and a carpool hangtag will be able to park on campus Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in designated carpool parking spaces. Each time you come to campus there must be a minimum of two occupants in the vehicle and park in designated carpool spaces with your carpool hangtag. Carpool permits are available at the Safety and Security Office. Review the carpooling parking flyer (PDF) or contact security at (207) 602-2298 for more information.

For More Parking Information

More information regarding parking maps, parking policies, and resources is available in the Parking Resources section of the Office of Safety and Security Transportation website.

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