UNE provides a 403(b) pre-tax and post-tax retirement savings plan opportunity for full- and half-time benefit-eligible employees upon enrollment. Employees can elect to contribute in any combination of the pre-tax and post-tax savings options up to the IRS annual contribution limits. UNE will match actively contributing participants on a dollar-for-dollar basis up to 8% of the employee’s pre-tax salary deferral. UNE will not match participant post-tax contributions (referred to as a Roth). 

Employees select their 403(b) retirement plan investment funds directly through Fidelity Investments. Fidelity Investments representatives and their online retirement planning tools can assist with your retirement planning decisions.


  • Regular full- and half-time employees, as defined in the Personnel Handbook, may join the UNE retirement plan.

  • Participation may begin the first possible payroll after your hire and you complete the Fidelity online enrollment process.

  • Please review the Summary Plan Description for more eligibility details and consult with Human Resources for specific situations.

Fidelity Resources

Fidelity Representatives on Campus

Fidelity will be on campus periodically throughout the year to assist you with your transition, enrollment, and retirement planning questions.


Fidelity Live Web Workshops

Fidelity holds live web workshops on different topics almost daily. Participants can register for the live web workshops by logging on to


Cyber Security

So much is accomplished online these days and cyber security protection is more important than ever.

Managing Your Account

Fidelity provides a web based system that allow you to manage your account and find important investment information and tools.  To make changes to your contribution amount, change your investment strategy, get an electronic statement, change your beneficiaries and more, simply go to Fidelity online and log in. The Quick Links option helps you find the most common services.

Other Resources

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