My Wellness Journey

Peggy Spencer

I was looking for an exercise that I could do anytime and anywhere without having to pack a gym bag. 

- Peggy Spencer


I was looking for an exercise that I could do anytime and anywhere without having to pack a gym bag. In May, I downloaded the free Couch to 5K phone app. This app fit that need perfectly with its eight-week training program. I loved the convenience of being able to walk out my front door, returning in 30 minutes from a great workout hassle free.  

Early on in the program, I committed to running the Harrison Recreation Department 5K Run by the Lake on July 8, 2015. Proceeds from the run supported summer recreation programs for the school aged children of Harrison, Maine. Having the 5K run on my calendar and telling my friends and family about my training were great motivators for me to persist even when fitness training was the last thing on my mind during weekend getaways or unbearably hot weather.

I must note that I was not a runner and running as an exercise was not at the top of my list. However, I started my program by running every other day and working up from running for just one minute at a time to running nonstop for half an hour. I also attended the Running Form Workshops in Finley, coordinated by Colleen Dolbec, UNE’s Health and Wellness Educator. Maine Running Company, now known as Fleet Feet, came to the Portland Campus to address athlete sustainability, injury prevention and proper running form. I applied what I learned at these workshops to my training and found the information to be extremely effective toward reaching my 5K goal. I never believed myself to be a finishing my first 5K has inspired me to run more...I actually want to run. My next 5K will be the Ocean Commotion to support Marine Mammals of Maine. 

It’s gratifying to improve my health and help worthy causes at the same time.