The following provides a summary of commonly asked questions, but you must consult your plan documents or a Human Resources representative for full details about eligible expenses, enrollment, and other information.

When is the typical plan year for flexible spending accounts?

The plan year runs from January 1 to December 31. However, UNE offers a “grace period” for individuals to incur expenses and submit claims after the end of the typical plan year.

When can I sign up to participate in a flexible spending account?

Flexible spending accounts work in the same way as health and dental insurances; you can sign up for a flexible spending account at your time of hire, during open enrollment, or when you have a qualifying event, such as marriage, birth or adoption of a child, change in eligibility for insurance, loss of other coverage, etc.

I elected $300 for my medical flexible spending account (FSA) last year, and I didn’t use it all or forgot to submit the claims for reimbursement. Can I get back the money I didn’t use or submit for reimbursement for the money I did use?

You have until March 15 of the next plan year to incur costs for the previous plan year (i.e.: until March 15, 2025 to incur cost against your 2024 deductions). You have until May 30 of the next plan year to submit for reimbursement all charges for the previous regular plan year or the grace period. If your charges or submission fall outside of these dates, or you do not use all your money, the remaining balance will be forfeited. 

Will my elected flexible spending amounts carry over from year to year or do I need to elect them annually?

You need to elect your medical and/or dependent care flexible spending account amounts annually during the open enrollment process. If you do not re-elect your benefits during open enrollment,  you will not have a flexible spending account for the following calendar year.

My child takes advantage of an after school program because I can’t leave work in time to pick them up after school. Can I elect FSA to cover the cost of the after school program?

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts are available for childcare costs for children through the age of 12 (ends on their 13th birthday). Most after school programs qualify for reimbursement. To be sure, contact GroupDynamic (the administrator of UNE's plan) at (207) 781-8800.

My child is under 12 and going to an overnight summer camp instead of regular day care. This still allows me to work while they are away. Does this qualify for reimbursement? 

Although this program allows you to be able to work, overnight programs are not eligible for dependent care flexible spending reimbursement. Most day camps, including sports camps, usually are. To be sure, contact GroupDynamic (the administrator of UNE's plan) at (207) 781-8800.