Cigna High Deductible Health Plan/Health Savings Account

This plan offers in and out of network benefits at the lowest monthly premiums. In 2018, UNE will be providing up to $2,600 to eligible participants' 2018 Health Savings Account (HSA) ($1,300 in January and $1,300 in July), and participants have the option to contribute additional money to their HSA (within limitations set by the IRS). Under the HSA plans, unused contributions may be rolled from calendar year to calendar year.

*You cannot elect this plan if you have a Medical Flexible Spending Account or if you have other coverage such as Medicare Part A.

Plan Costs

Full-Time HDHP/HSA


12-Month Pay Structure

9-Month Pay Structure


$60.46 $80.62
One Parent & Child/ren $149.58 $199.46
Two Adult $291.80 389.06
Family $311.98 $415.98

Half-Time HDHP/HSA


12-Month Pay Structure

9-Month Pay Structure


$95.74 $127.66
One Parent & Child(ren) $514.72 $686.30
Two Adult $731.92 $975.90
Family $823.48 $1,098.00

HSA Maximum Contributions:

Individual Plan $3,450 (inclusive of UNE contribution)
Family Plan $6,900 (inclusive of UNE contribution)
Age 55+ Catch-up Additional $1,000

Cigna Online

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Other Resources

  • Health Advocate: Utilize this free and confidential service to compare the three plans to help choose the one appropriate for you. Call to speak to a representative who can help.
  • Eligible Expenses: View the purchases you can make using your HSA Bank Account under IRS guidelines. Note that eligible expenses may not apply to your deductible or maximum out of pocket. See your plan for more details.
  • Changes to your HSA When You Reach 65