Performance Management

We will look at the performance management system, review the human resources process for developing an effective employee evaluation — including discussions on goal setting, desired outcomes, and employee development.

Managing Corrective Action

As a manager, you may need to differentiate between employee performance problems that simply call for a coaching conversation and those that require a corrective action discussion. Through the use of presentation, case study, and role-play, you will be better equipped to coach and support your employee's performance.

Difficult Conversations

No manager likes to have “the conversation” — you know, the difficult employee conversations. Through presentation, discussion, and role-play, we will assist you to have effective employee conversations.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

More than any other regulation, act, or rule, FMLA affects your employees on a personal level. This training will assist in guiding you and your employee through the process of initiating an employee leave.

Workers’ Compensation

Do you know what to do if your employee has a work-related injury? From the initial employee injury claim to the employee’s return-to-work, we will review the process and paperwork necessary to assist you and your employee.

Strategies for Successful Onboarding

Onboarding should not be an isolated incident. The goals of this workshop are for you to gain an understanding of what is onboarding, what your role is, and how a successful onboarding can assist in retaining our employees.