EAP Life Issues

Just when you think you have it all figured out, life comes along with another challenge. Explore some of the programs and services that are available to you.

Life Issues Services and Programs

Elder Care

Learn about the challenges and solutions related to caring for an aging loved one. Learn more about elder care support (PDF)

Financial Services

Take advantage of a free 30-minute financial consultation by phone and 25% off tax preparation. Learn more about financial services (PDF)

Legal Consulting and Identity Theft

Get a free 30-minute legal consultation and up to 25% off select fees. Or learn how to protect yourself from and respond correctly to identity theft with a free 60-minute expert consultation by phone. Learn more about legal consulting and identity theft support (PDF)

Parenting and Child Care

Whether you need all day, before/after school, during the summer or just want a backup plan for unplanned events, we can help you find a situation that is right for you and your child. Learn more about parenting and child care support (PDF)

Pet Care

From vets to dog walkers, we'll help connect you to the right people and places to ensure your pets are well taken care of. Learn more about pet care (PDF)

Returning Veteran Support

Veterans face many challenges when readjusting back to civilian life. We can help guide you to find solutions that are right for you. Learn more about veteran support (PDF)

ACCESS Cigna Employee Assistance and Work/Life Support Programs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Call 1 (877) 622-4327 or log into www.myCigna.com

Employer ID: une


In addition to contacting EAP services at 1 (877) 622-4327, you may also access additional information benefits through www.myCigna.com.

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