Community Charitable Giving Campaign

Join your colleagues to make a difference

We encourage you to join your colleagues in the Charitable Giving Campaign. The campaign, which runs from Wednesday, October 25 through Thursday, November 30, supports four organizations that are improving the lives of thousands in our communities and throughout Maine. It is amazing how just a little support can make a large impact in the lives and individuals. We have provided information for the United Way of Greater Portland, United Way of York County, Community Health Charities and MaineShare, including their mission, administrative fee, and structure and how they support individual organizations, as each organization may speak differently to your interests. Let's make a difference in our communities.

How can I impact my community?

  • Review the information for each organization to determine which speak to the impact you would like to make.
  • Determine the per-pay period contribution you would like to make.
  • Download and complete the Charitable Giving Campaign form or complete the form that was mailed to you for your per-pay and annual contribution. Name any specific member organizations that should receive your contribution.
  • Print and sign your completed form.
  • Return completed form to: Human Resources at 716 Stevens Avenue, Portland ME 04103 or intercampus mail by November 30, 2017.
  • Congratulate yourself for your leadership in advancing the common good in our communities and in the state of Maine!


Get to know the Organizations


The mission of the United Way of Greater Portland is to improve people’s lives by mobilizing the caring power of community. United Way invests in programs and initiatives that address and alleviate root issues so children succeed in school, families are financially stable, and people are healthy. It uses a variety of strategies, including volunteerism, advocacy, community impact initiatives, and grant-making to 35 non-profits in Cumberland County to support 79 programs that provide direct services to a broad range of populations and issues.


Th mission of the United Way of York County is to mobilize people and resources to improve lives. Ensuring that all kids have the best start, engaging youth in their community, and maintaining the health and well-being of seniors are top priorities. In addition, it supports services that strengthen families, meet basic needs, and build the capacity of non-profits. 


Community Health Charities unites caring donors with our nation's most trusted health charities. Health has never been such an urgent priority — 77% of US workers suffer from at least one long-term health condition ranging from cancer to asthma. Chances are someone you know is affected. The goal os Community Health Charities is to together build stronger and healthier communities.

Maine Share

MaineShare’s provides significant support to 44 organizations doing progressive social justice and root cause work in Maine, and to raises public awareness of their work. MaineShare values integrity, ethics, fairness, truth, compassion, justice, inclusiveness, commitment, community, stewardship, respect, diversity, and tolerance. These values correspond with how it works, and how its member groups do their work every day. All member groups work on prevention — as they strive to achieve good health, environmental protection, safe communities, economic opportunity, human rights, animal welfare, and peace for all of Maine and all Maine residents.