UNE Culture

The University of New England values a broad and diverse culture and is committed to offering a rich living, learning and working environment. In both policy and action, we welcome the human differences that compose a varied society.

A range of services and supports promotes the ethnic, religious, socio-economic and gender diversity valued by our community. Our Office of Intercultural Student Engagement proudly coordinates both everyday programs and large annual affairs, such as our Diversity Lecture Series, Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration, and International Children’s Festival. These celebrated events welcome University and community members to engage in constructive and lively cultural discourse.

Consistent with our value of a diverse working and living environment, the University permits participation in health and dental insurance programs for unmarried employees’ domestic partners who demonstrate that they are in long-term, committed, and mutually interdependent relationships.

We don’t stop at celebrating the diversity present here in Maine, our Morocco Campus and two-way international study-abroad opportunities are increasingly connecting UNE with other cultures around the globe.

Diversity Hiring Coalition

The University of New England is a member of the Diversity Hiring Coalition, a consortium of Maine employers committed to increasing the diversity of their workforces, and working to make Maine a more welcoming place for all people.